Are you ready for Halloween?!  Here is a quick idea for those of you that want to have a little fun with a fashion and costume mash-up for Halloween. 

Pick out a favorite fashionable doll outfit. 

 Make kitty-kat ears in a matching color.  Today I have a sweet grey cat…

and a creamy white cat.  Don’t just stick to neutrals though.  This would be just as fun in bright colors.  The key is coordinating the ears with a doll outfit you already have and love.

The ears are simply felt triangles glued to elastic chord.  Add a smaller pink triangle in the center of each ear.


  • felt
  • thin elastic chord (or ribbon)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • removable glue dots or masking tape

Make the nose from a small pink triangle with 3 cut lengths of the thin elastic chord glued in the middle.  Use a removable glue dot or masking tape to hold the nose in place.  Both of these adhesives have low tack and should not leave a residue on your doll.  That being said I still would not leave it on my doll overnight.  

This makes such an easy cat costume for Halloween and so adorable because it has a fashionable touch!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Dolls: Saige is GOTY 2013, Morgan is AG #25
  • Outfits: Sweet Savannah Dress and Soft-as-Snow outfit with Sequin Boots from Springfield Collection.  Gold earrings are from Ivy’s collection (AG).  Trick-or-treat buckets are party favors from a few years ago.

Have a fun, safe and fashionable Halloween!