Quick note from Char – Today we kick off Fashion Week at Camp Doll Diaries and our sponsor is The Duck Brand Duck Tape. While we we be making all sorts of fun doll fashions from Duck Tape, we will be using other materials and inspiration for our fashions, too. And, in case you are wondering, I will be back from vacation tomorrow – it has been a well-needed break.

Karen here and I have been busy making these mini doll Duck Tape  dresses. Today I am sharing my pattern and tutorial with all of you so you too can add to your mini doll wardrobe! These are easy to make and so much fun with all the wonderful new patterns Duck Tape Brand Duck Tape offers!

To make your own you will need:

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies and your mini doll. Print out the PDF Pattern.

Step 2- Trace the PDF Pattern on to regular paper. Cut out the tracing you just made. This is the base of your dress.

Step 3- Use the Duck Tape to cover your paper. Layer and trim you go.

Step 4-Once you have covered the entire paper on one side, carefully peel it back and turn it over. Trim and fold your tape over onto the exposed paper side as you go.

Step 5- Once you have covered the sides of the dress use your scissors to cut up the center of the tape that forms a triangle with the dress pattern. Along the neck line make cuts and fold the tape in towards the uncovered paper as shown in the photos above. You can trim as you go.

Step 6- Fold the dress pattern side out together at so that the sides and arm holes match up.Put the Dress on your Mini Doll.

Step 7- Cut a another piece of Duck Tape cut in half length wise and set aside.

Step 8- Once you have lined up your dress on your doll, Tape it into place along the side seam you have just created. Run the tape under the arm pit and down to the bottom of the dress. Repeat on the opposite side. You can trim or fold the access tape at the bottom as you go. Side seam shown above with out the doll, in the photo above.

Step 9- To secure your dress to your doll you can make a belt that you can tie at the back or tape it into place.

To make the belt tear off a strip of tape as long or slightly longer then your doll, Fold or roll it into a belt as shown above.

Place your dress on your doll and bend the belt around the doll in the dress. Use a small piece of the Duck Tape to attach the belt to the dress at the sides under the arms. You can leave the ends long so you can tie the dress at the back or you can trim and tape the belt at the ends to the inside of your dress.

Use more Duck Tape to create a small bow for your belt and if you feel your dress is too long you can always trim it as you go! You could also make a fun Fringe at the bottom of your dress by using your scissors and making thin snips along the bottom edge.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Mini Doll Fashion Post!