By now most of you know that I pre-post most of my weekend posts so that I can enjoy family time, recharge and have fun. Today is no different. When this posts we should be walking around or on our way home from Williamsburg, which serves as the perfect inspiration for today’s fashion finds. While Felicity and Elizabeth are retired, there are a few places (besides Ebay) where you can find clothes for them from their time period. Let’s take a look at a few.

Colonial inspired fashions for American Girl

Where can you find these pretties:

1. Colonial Ball Gown from The Queen’s Treasures – $30

2. Tea Party Colonial Dress by Etsy seller Camelots Treasures – $18

3. Colonial Ball Gown by Etsy seller My Angie Girl 

4. Colonial Summer Outfit by Etsy seller My Angie Girl

5. 1770s Colonial Dress by Etsy seller Aloha Girl – $22.50

6. En Forreau Gown for Felicity by Etsy seller KBDollDiesigns 

7. 1774 Colonial Dress, Apron and Hat from Etsy seller JessicasDollCloset – $49

8. Colonial Tea Dress Set from The Queens Treasures – $19

Not pictured (because I remembered it after I made my collage) – the Dollie’s Dressmaker and Kindred Thread.

If you would rather sew your own version of Felicity and Elizabeth’s dresses, there are plenty of places to get patterns, like:

Do you know of other places to get Colonial inspired fashions for your dolls? Which are your favorites?