Whether school is back in session for you yet or not, I am sure you are looking at back to school fashions. The skirt is such a classic fashion staple and not only are they comfortable (usually), they are also very versatile. Here are some of my favorite skirts for the dolls:

Fashion Finds - Smart Skirts

Where can you find these classic and cute looks?

1. American Girl Rebecca’s School Outfit – $34

2. Plaid Skirt, Top and Scarft from Etsy seller CircleCSewing – $15

3. Blue Plaid Skirt Set from Etsy seller JazzyDollDuds – $23.85

4. Navy Top and Plaid Skirt from My Dolls Life – $22.95

5. American Girl Flower Sweater and Skirt Set -$30

6. Traditional School Uniform from Etsy seller DollPetiteCouture – $30

7. Feeling Happy set from DreamWorld Collections – $28.97

8. My Pink Planet Classic Fall Outfit – $22.99

Which outfit is your favorite? Which outfit would most likely be something you would wear to school?