One of the outfits I seemed to always have in the summer as a kid was a romper – the terry cloth kind like Ivy has! They were a great fashion staple for the summer – like always having your favorite shorts and top together in one easy to find piece. 

Fashion Find Rompers a Summer Classic

So where can you find a classic romper for your dolls?

1. Striped Seersucker Sea Breeze Romper with Hat from Etsy seller LynnieJo – $32.50

2. Make your own romper with a pattern from SuzyMStudio – $4.50

3. This looks like a romper Saige would wear. It was from 123MulberryStreet but has been sold. I’m sure you could request a custom order.

4. Pink floral jumper from My Doll’s Life – $13.95

5. Fuchsia Romper from Springfield – $8.95

6. Nautical Romper with Scarf from Etsy seller Nayasdesigns – request custom order

7. Ivy’s Rainbow Romper from American Girl – $28

8. And a romper that goes into fall as well from Doll Closet Heirlooms – request custom order

So, do you like rompers? Which one of the rompers featured do your dolls like best?