Fashion Finds – Patriotic Style

Do you have a picnic planned for July 4th or will you go see the fireworks? How about a parade? Today’s fashion finds are timely and inspired by the upcoming July 4th holiday.

patriotic fashions for dolls

So where can you find these fun fashions for your dolls?

1. Molly’s Tap Outfit from American Girl – definitely parade-worthy and now that Molly’s retirement has been announced, you will want this in your collection. $32

2. Red White Chevron and Blue by closet4chloe on Etsy. $16

3. 4th of July Flag Tutu and Leotard by Etsy seller ItsSewSusan. $21

4. 4th of July “Betsy Ross” Colonial Style dress by Etsy seller SandRDesignWorks. $43

5. Ships Ahoy by 123MulberryStreet on Etsy (fits 18″ slim body dolls). $26

6. Red Country Star outfit by HarmonyClubDolls. $12.99

7. Red, White and Blue Summer Dress by Etsy seller closet4chloe. $15

8. Black Tank and Tiered Skirt from Liberty Jane. $22

What will your dolls wear for the July 4th festivities? Do you have a favorite outfit that we featured today?


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  1. lanielover says:

    Cool! I love Molly’s tap outfit, liberty jane, and harmony club outfit.

  2. Abby W. says:

    I love AG’s outfit!

  3. Sharry says:

    I found a really cute July 4th outfit w/ a hat, tank top and shorts for just $12 on Etsy!

  4. Lindsey :) says:

    Love Molly’s outfit ! Sharry , what seller did you buy it from ?

  5. Vivi says:

    I am going to use last years Christmas red dress and put white and blue hair ribbons in my dolls hair for 4th of july!

  6. We don’t usually do anything big anymore. Depending if my brothers work or not we’ll play games, swim, and eat yummy food! :)

  7. Julia says:

    Wow! There all great but I like the red white and blue dress.

  8. ag fan says:

    Love # 2! My dolls and I can’t wait for fireworks!

  9. Tarynn says:

    Oh so cute! Char-Valorie’s email isn’t working, we will get back to you ASAP. Sorry about that.

  10. Megan!!!!!! says:

    omg i love number 2, 7 and 8!! they are soo pretty!!!!

  11. Sharry says:

    Lindsey, it was DollApparelbyCarol.

  12. AGInParadise says:

    Love the LJC outfit! :)

  13. AGInParadise says:

    On July 4th I will go see the Fireworks and also go to a parade! :)

  14. ownerof5agdolls says:

    Quess who is the lucky girl to be bidding on a Ellowyne boo who doll???? ME ME!!!! I am super excited shes beautiful. I really hope I win her!!! It ends tomorrow. anybody that loves ellowyne dolls should definitely should own her!!

  15. sabrina says:

    I like the 1 and 7

  16. hannah says:

    I’m not doing anything on July 4th, unless there is a parade or fireworks on tv……… only doing something July 1st……

  17. N says:

    These are all quite pretty! I too can’t wait for the July 4th fireworks.

  18. Juliet XD says:

    we live on a lake, so there are always great fireworks! i love #2!
    who do you think will sell out first; molly or emily? i am going to AGP monday, and i am getting either molly or emily! i want to know who will sell first because the doll i don’t get i will be asking for my birthday in early Nov. do you think both or neither will be gone by then? PLEASE HELP!

  19. Essieg says:

    I really like #1, #2 and #5! So cute!

  20. Annie says:

    Molly,Chrissa,Bitty and Alexandria are going to be getting all dressed up. Emily and Ivy will hang out together and have a normal day because they don’t celebrate the 4th of July,since they’re not American.
    Alexandria,Bitty and Chrissa will make some red-white-and-blue clothes,while Molly either borrows Emily’s meet outfit(since Emily’s meet outfit is red,white,and blue) or wears the blue dress that her owner(my sister) made for her. :)
    (Yeah,I know,Ivy is supposed to be Chinese-American,but my sister’s Ivy is completely Chinese. :P)

  21. Annie says:

    @ Juliet XD – Emily will probably sell out first. You should probably get her first.

  22. Megan!!!!!! says:

    Juliet XD ~ I really think that Emily is going to sell out first because a lot of people have Molly, and not Emily so I think now that they will be retiring that everyone is going to rush to get her. And have fun at the AGP!!!

  23. After reading this post, I need to look for some doll clothes.
    My favorite was number 5
    Its so cute!

  24. sabrina says:

    How is #4 a 4th of July outfit?

  25. DOLLLOVER says:

    Sabrina~ It’s red, white and blue and has stars. Thats why.