Lions and tigers and bears – oh, my? How about zebras and leopards and giraffes instead? Animal prints continue to be popular and while I don’t think they are always worth roaring about, here are a few looks I do like:


Fashion Finds Animal Prints

So where can you find these cute looks?

1. Snow Leopard outfit from DreamWorld Collections via Amazon – $23.97

2. Leopard Tunic from Etsy seller MegOri – $20.00

3. Pink Ruffle Top and Giraffe Skirt from My Doll’s Life – $18.95

4. Leopard Sparkle Ruffle  Dress from Ana’s Doll Clothes – $20.00

5. Lime Green Zebra Top & Mini Skirt from Etsy seller CircleCSewing – $14.00

6. Sweet Savannah Dress from American Girl – $28

7.  Tiger Gold Sequin Jacket from Etsy seller Release Rain – $14.99

8. Zebra Dress from Springfield – $10.95

Which is your favorite?