I am sooooo excited to share this project.  My friend Angie Keiser has an amazing 4 year old daughter who makes and creates PAPER dresses.  Together they create the Fashion By Mayhem team.  She is driven, adorable, talented and for all practical purposes…famous.  I sent her  a five foot long section of paper that I doodled up special and she used it to create a DRESS!


Here is Mayhem in her Doodle Dress!   Photo Credits to her mom, Angie!

If you want to read about the story of our friendship and how this dress came to be, you can read about it on my blog here.  You can even download the PDF file of doodles if you want design there.

I decided to recreate her dress, doll sized.   Here is a picture tutorial of how I did it.

If you want to make one, you can download the doodle paper here and create some fashion fun like Mayhem.

The dress came out great and now for the COOOOOOLEST part, I am giving it it her this weekend in person  on her first American Girl Doll.  I got her one that looks like her and redressed her in the paper dress.  I even added a bunny since that is her standby stuffie friend.  I will share a picture of her when she gets it next week so stay tuned!

Until then, keep creating!