Yesterday I went to the Farmers’ Market in Aurora at Southland with my husband and we ran across these incredibly yummy cheese curds and got a chance to talk to the people who even told us about the cow named Sqeaky where the cheese curds come from.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited because I love cheese curds so when I got home I created a way to share the fun with our dolls.

I used Sculpey clay to make a cookie sheet filled with tiny cheese curd shapes then baked them at 275 degrees for 10 minutes.

While they were baking, I took the real packaging and shrunk the label on my copy machine/printer to 30% size and attached it to a mini ziploc bag with Aleene’s Tacky Tape Runner.  I cut the zipper part off and when the curds were cooled, I put them in the bag and taped it shut with clear packing tape.

I also made a mini shopping bag by shrinking the back side of their cute postcard.

Saige was dressed most like a Farmers’ Market girl so she got to be used in the photos.  Pretty cute, don’t you think.

Now we need just need to make some more farmer food for the dolls so we can set up a whole market and play.

If you want to learn more about Cream City Market and even get a real life recipe, visit me on my blog here.

And for a little extra fun, here is a word search that you can download for FREE and solve.

To learn more about cheese curds and Cream City Market, you can visit them online.   And so the lesson are:

  • Be inspired by what you encounter day by day
  • Meet new people.  They might have a really cool story.
  • Share what you learn and create from your passions.

Happy New Week,