Wow, that year went by fast! I can vividly remember this time last year – the buzz about Saige’s debut, going to AG DC on January 1st to get her (yes, we will be there tomorrow to get Isabelle) and those first Saige review photos! It is time to say goodbye to Saige, but we have had a wonderful year. I have put together some of my favorite Saige posts from Doll Diaries this year. You can always find more by typing in Saige in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the site.

Farewell Saige

Welcome Saige

Saige Close Up

Diana’s version of Saige’s Day of Beige outfit – AG never ended up making one.

Saige and horse inspired doll crafts

Decorate Your Doll’s Horse Stable

Make a Horse Jumping Set

Decorate a Parade Horse

Horse Feeding Fun

Doll art projects for Saige

Make Art for Saige’s Gallery

Make Saige Inspired Feather Earrings and NecklaceĀ 

Laura Kelly Mini Art Doodles and a Portfolio for Saige

Saige hot air balloon crafts

Make your own Doll Hot Air Balloon Adventure SetĀ 

Doll Sized Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon

Thank you to Anna, Karen, Laura, Diana, KC and everyone else who helped us share the love of the arts via Saige inspired fun, crafts and doll play!!

What was your favorite Saige activity?