Farewell McKenna

Right now everyone is so excited for the debut of the new American Girl of the Year for 2013, Saige Copeland, but I thought it might be nice to give McKenna a little going away party of her own. Afterall, this time last year we were all sooooo excited to meet her, and honestly, I think McKenna may have been the best selling Girl of the Year yet. She has the best hair of any of the AG dolls (in my opinion) and her collection was very appropriate for an Olympic year. The beam and bar set has to be one of the best sets for the price released by AG to date and I am so glad we got it from the start – when we could. Her starter set was worth the wait – just for the exclusive warm up set. We did not get all of her collection, but we are very happy with the items we did get.

American Girl McKenna collection

McKenna and her friends are gathered in the gym to have a farewell party today. They know that while this means goodbye to McKenna in the American Girl spotlight, the McKenna fun will continue to live on in this house and many doll families around the world.

Gwen is wearing McKenna’s pajamas, Callie (MyAG 39) is wearing her meet outfit, McKenna is wearing her warm ups, Emily is modeling McKenna’s school outfit. Ivy is practicing on the bars wearing the sleeveless leotard, shorts and the purple shrug top (her t-shirt is in her gym bag). Alex (MyAG 21) is wearing McKenna’s performance leotard. The springboard Ivy is standing on and the pink mat Alex is on, are things I made for McKenna – I will link to them below.

American Girl McKenna collection

The girls are lined up for a final march out. We did not get McKenna’s team jacket or her fancy dress. I may get them off eBay at a later date. And yes, Emily is wearing the wrong shoes for her outfit – someone else must be wearing the school outfit shoes right now.

American Girl McKenna collection

I remember this time last year when everyone was comparing McKenna to MyAG 39 and talking about how similar they look. Actually, I don’t think they look a like at all. MyAG 39 and Emily look like twins!

American Girl McKenna collection

McKenna is so happy with all her new friends! They are going to have to get the cabin ready to welcome their new friend Saige next week.

American Girl McKenna collection

Everything is more fun with friends! Don’t worry, this is not the last you will see of McKenna! She and the rest of the girls will continue to star in Doll Diaries fun for years to come!

It has been a great year with McKenna! Some of my favorite McKenna related posts and crafts are:

How about you? What was your favorite item from her collection? Favorite McKenna post? Will you miss McKenna or are you ready to move on to Saige?

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  1. Oh, okay. thanksfor responding. :( i’ll just borrow my dad’s camera and use that! :)

  2. My cousin is getting saige and I’m excited but I think I’m gonna miss McKenna I have her and a few of her outfits so I’m happy about that but I kinda liked having McKenna online I’m excited 4 saige but McKenna was my 1st AG doll so I’m a little upset about that :( anyway McKenna is still a loved doll and I doubt when saige comes out (soooo cute) any1 will 4get about McKenna! Sorry 4 the long comment LOL!

  3. Kanani: ha ha mckenna now you know how it feels to be replaced!! Bwahaha
    Me: now, kanani that’s a bit mean go to your room.
    Kanani: fine!!
    was i to brutal with the punishment or was i right. i mean, she was going to post that on here !!

  4. You were right iloveag! Just have a talk with her…

  5. Btw my McKenna isnt sad or jealous she loves saige and they will b gr8 friends

  6. Hey guys! I bet after Sagie comes out you can still buy Mckenna on like Ebay or Amazon.So if you want Mckenna don’t worry. (I hope)

  7. @iloveag You were absolutely right to send her to her room! Kanani must learn to respect her fellow American Girl dolls.
    Lol, I believe your Kanani is just like mine… They speak before they think. XD

  8. I’m so sad. Bye-bye McKenna!! You were such a cute doll and I have enjoyed Char show you off!! I love you all!

  9. @IloveAG: My Kanani won’t even LET another GOTY into this house! She’s a terror – consider youself lucky. Kanani was my super favorite GOTY ever.

    Lovely pictures, Char. Just stunning. I am collecting My Twinn now and got 2 rare, retired dolls on Christmas Eve! They are here (trying to post a message). haha ‘-)

    Kanani had her first real taste of winter snow up here – 5 inches – wearing Snow Bunny Chic.

    She didn’t like it although at least Molly got her outside. She’s figure skating and LOVES the snow. Kanani is complaining. sigh.

    Sorry I gave McKenna to my 1st cousin right away when so much was on backorder. sigh again. AG really hit the mark with her.

  10. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an AG doll and her collection sell that well! I was on the AG website yesterday and all of McKenna’s collection is sold out and back ordered until late March/April!

  11. @iluvdolls Wow, I’ve noticed that Kanani dolls have a tendency to be quite… eccentric. O.O
    I’ve gotta look up my Dollydex to see what else I can find on the Kanani species.

  12. I have McKenna. I am glad tht her collection is leaving bc her collection is not very out of the ordinary . But
    Saiges is. Bresides In the movie she was a selfish brat . My McKenna is nothing like that though. Sure sure go ahead and argue with me people ! Lol ! :p

  13. Venus, Dollydex???
    you are just so smart!!!! I will be making that uber soon like in ten-twenty minutes

  14. DollieLover says:

    Oops, I meant that I let my little sister have her and got Kaya instead. Sorry! Spell check is really annoying!

  15. char you NEED to make a doll play on dollydex invented by the one and only Venus!!!

  16. DollsOnTheRun says:

    Bye Mckenna!!!! You got Mckenna’s starter set char? When? :( Bye Mckenna );

  17. oops pleeeease char??????????????????????????????????

  18. char, do you still want those photos of the doll space for saige????

  19. Oh wow, Viglink is now even using the word McKenna!

  20. cool

  21. We should totes have our own Dollydexes! 😀
    In fact, we should include them on Doll Diaries!

  22. Lol, I don’t know how I come up with this stuff. XP

  23. I have all of McKenna”s collection my kindle.would not spell McKenna right away all I just finished girl of the year 2013 on my kindle.it would not spell girl of the year 2013 name right

  24. Bye Mckenna me and my dolls will miss you. Venus I think your the most fun person on dolldiaries.

  25. I’m thinking about getting Saige the girl of the year 2013. She’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute


  26. Venus we all should tell each other ideas for a dollydex like you tell me something about kanani and I tell you something about jly #47

  27. This year flew by so fast! I will miss McKenna.

  28. @bailey We should come up with an AG-style Pokemon Game. ;P
    @cecile Thanks so much for your kind words. Here, have some Internet cheesecake! *hands Cecile a plate of cheesecake* :3
    And don’t worry, if you’re lactose intolerant, just remember, YOLO! XD

  29. @venus Oh you dont know it! i have house full of terrors! don’t ask me WHO thought it was a good idea to give chrissa a scooter.

  30. *hands the awesome venus person a cupcake* You earned this, for being an awesome person!
    PS: i can tell you a lot about the chrissa species! they tend to be wild creatures who should not EVER be given sugar without supervision! 😉

  31. i like how nice people are on here even if you post like 5000 million times on one single post 😉

  32. @iloveag Lollerskates, we have lots in common, my friend. I tend to post a whole bunch of comments at once, too. 😉
    I am quite intimidated by this species of doll named Chrissa now… *hides sugar packets* o_o

  33. AGisamzinglovemcKenna1234 says:

    My mom and dad are taking me to Seattle to see sagie tomorrow it going to be amazeing

  34. Pretty Irish AG says:

    (to the tune of Ingrid Michaelson)
    And so long to dear McKenna
    And Josie, too
    And so long to Miss McKenna
    So long to you

  35. Goodbye Mckenna . I will miss you ! Hello Saige. I love your hot air ballon. Thank goodness I have Mckenna’s whole collection. I will miss seeing McKenna in all the pictures and magazines . Bye bye McKenna

  36. bye mckenna :] bring on saige shes totos cute

  37. saige will be thebest any one want to see an americangirl club

  38. right now where i live it is five minutes after 12 o clock it’s 2013!

  39. ill miss mckenna. at least i got her when i could.

  40. I think Mckenna was NOT that good. She was on back order most of the time. Her movie was BAD and now I will mose likely buy saige. Saige’s stuff is way better then Mckenna’s.

  41. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I’m going to use the sewing machine and make clothes for McKenna, or get a leotard from Terristouch that is custom designed

  42. i was so excited to get saige but then i went on americangirl.com her outfits such i don’t like it at all :[ :[

  43. @Morganagv I so agree with you. Since I have a problem changing doll charater atribotios when I was two days away from getting her I relizaed that she was a stuck -up little brat and got and ipod touch instead.