As we get ready to welcome American Girl GOTY 2015 Grace, we need to say goodbye to Isabelle, the American Girl GOTY 2014. Natalie helped Isabelle clean out her room and has written a short story for us.


Farewell Isabelle

 “Hey Nat! It has been a great year and I have loved being here, in this adorable room, but sadly it is time for me to move out so the next doll can have a room. Anyways, since you are here… Can you help me pack?” Isabelle asked.

Farewell Isabelle

 “Finally! All packed up, I am glad that is done. Now we need to move it out of here,” Isabelle began moving her rack.

Farewell Isabelle

 “SURPRISE!” Saige, April, Elle, Tipi, Savannah, and mini Lana burst through the door! They brought cake, cupcakes, and other sweet treats into the room as a little party before Isabelle moved.

“Oh my goodness!” Isabelle exclaimed.

Farewell Isabelle

They talked and said their goodbyes, but then Isabelle made an announcement.

“Wait… You guys think I am leaving for good?” everyone nodded, “No no no, I am just going to a dance intensive for a few weeks! When I come back I am going to be in a new room!”

All of the girls burst out laughing and hugged Isabelle. Though Isabelle is not the GOTY anymore she will always be in our DollDiaries family. 🙂

Did you enjoy your year with Isabelle? Leave a farewell message for her below!

Until next time, this is Natalie signing off click!