Camp Doll Diaries – Fancy Jean Shorts and Sparklers For the Patriotic Picnic

Camp Doll Diaries

Guess what? I have GREAT news!! Laura Kelly – creator of some of the fun projects we did during Arts & Crafts week – is joining the Doll Diaries creative team!! This means you will now have super doll play crafting posts from Laura, Anna and Karen weekly, plus special guests and goodies from me in between! Doll Diaries is clearly becoming a most amazing doll COMMUNITY that doll lovers of all ages can enjoy!


Happy Week of Celebrating the USA’s Birthday!  Maria is all dressed up in her new outfit and ready to go to a patriotic picnic, parade and the fireworks.  She is wearing decorated denim shorts made from her “old” jeans.

Camp Doll Diaries - Button Sparklers and Dressed Up Denim Shorts

Here is how you can make a pair.  You will need an old pair of doll jeans, buttons (I used the patriotic mix from Buttons Galore), embroidery floss/needle, and ribbon.  To make the sparklers you just need floral wire and yellow buttons.

The first step is to cut the jeans so that they will still fall below your doll’s knees.  I used pinking shears so they wouldn’t fray.

Then you sew the red buttons in a circle and add the blue/white on top of each other in the middle.  You can use either leg.

To make the ribbon belt, sew a 16 inch piece of ribbon in the middle to the back of the shorts.  I sewed it through a button first to make it a little “cuter”!

And here they are!

To make the sparklers, just cut a piece of wire the length you would like it to be and thread it through a button.  The wire wraps easily around the doll hands/fingers to make them play.

Maria is full of energy and ready to celebrate!

If you want to make her matching tube top or her bag with a sit-upon (from the bottom of the pants you cut off), visit Laura’s blog to find out how.

Happy Playing With Dolls, Making Things and Celebrating;


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  14. I am so glad we can have even more crafts weekly! Im so glad you joined Laura Kelly

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    Happy 4th! I have some denim doll capris I can do this w/ (since I don’t like capris). My doll Julie (Springfield Collection) is waving at your Maria doll!

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    Thanks Laura for joining Doll Diaries and adding to our FUN! Have a Happy and safe 4th to all the “Dollies” out there…

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