One of the things I LOVE the most about my “job” is having the opportunity to discover new dolls and share them with YOU. I recently re-discovered Maru and let me tell you, she is cute!

Maru doll

See what I mean! Look at that pretty little face and those big brown eyes!

Maru is part of the Maru & Friends line of 20″ dolls  from Maritza Gutierrez with faces sculpted by master artist, Dianna Effner. The dolls are sold online and in the Maru store in the Aventura Mall in Miami, Florida. The main character, Maru, is an 8-year old Latina girl who moves to the United States with her family in search of a better life. Her stories revolve around her friends Jamie, Tanya, Raven and Savannah.


Maru is taller and slimmer than American Girl dolls but she sells for about the same price $110. (Some of Maru’s friends are on sale for $80 right now.) Maru’s arms have a slight bend in them but are not articulated. She is made of high density vinyl and almost feels like porcelain. Maru and Carpatina’s slim body dolls have a similar feel to them. Her hair is very silky and comes all the way down to her rear end. Her eyes do not close, but the detailing all the way into the corners of her eyes is just amazing.

Maru’s meet outfit is an orange long sleeve shirt with a little ribbon embellishment on the sleeve, an orange and white striped vest, light brown tights, a gorgeous dark brown corduroy skirt with nice details, fur topped boots, pompom scarf and an orange hat. Maru’s clothes are far and away some of the highest quality doll clothes I have seen to date.

I will take more photos of Maru side by side with the other dolls in our collection over the next few weeks – I actually wish I had a Karito Kid to put her next to. She really is something special and I am so happy to have Maru in our doll family.