All our positive comments and curiosity got the best of Frances (the owner and chief designer of the A Girl for All Time dolls) and she just sent me this EXCLUSIVE photo of Clementine to share with you this morning.

A Girl for All Time Clementine

Clementine as she might look while waiting for the train to take her to the countryside in Devon on the day of her evacuation, lost in her own thoughts…. 

And might I add, this photo STILL doesn’t do her justice.  Her green eyes are captivating. And there is a story line to her slightly imperfect, but oh so endearing, bangs (fringe) in her hair cut.  I love how the A Girl for All Time face mold is unique for each of their dolls, but you can still see the similarities – a lot like how you can see the similarities and uniqueness in family photos throughout generations.

You can see another photo of Clementine on the A Girl for All Time Facebook page. I can’t wait to share the rest of her collection and pre-launch photos with you over the course of the summer and learn even more about her story.