Hello everyone! Natalie here – I hope you are enjoying your summer so far! I want to share with you some photos of my latest additions to my Ever After High collection. After seeing a review of Holly O’Hair and Poppy O’Hair on Toy Box Philosopher, I was in love. I had been saving my money and couldn’t wait to order these two.

I got very excited the other day when I heard a knock on the door. Earlier in the week I ordered two Ever After High sets from Target. This set just happened to be the first to arrive!

Here is a photo of Holly O’Hair and her twin sister Poppy O’Hair (daughters of Rapunzel) without the plastic giving odd glares. Let’s open them up!

All the twists and pieces to snip….

As all Ever After High (and Monster High) these two girls come with a stand. I love these stands because the have a clear support, making it less noticeable in photos.

Of course they need their brushes, they are the daughters of Rapunzel after all!

First let’s examine Poppy! I love the pattern on her dress, all those cool braided pieces look awesome!

I am also a big fan of her bag! In the photo it has a clear plastic shell on it to keep the hair tools from falling out. I think the tools are too cute!

One of my favorite things about the Ever After High dolls is their super clever jewelry. This ring in particular caught my eye, little scissors! 

I have an issue with gelled-down doll hair (and creases), so I had to pop off Poppy’s headband and give her a boil wash after taking this photo.

Now for miss Holly! I like the rebels and all, but I really lean to the royals! Holly O’Hair was given the Rapunzel destiny to fulfill. So with Rapunzel being my favorite princess and all… Of course Holly is my favorite of the two!

Her long hair goes down to her ankles! It is too much fun to style!

I love her skirt so much! High-low skirts are my favorite and I love the pattern on it.

Her purse doesn’t do much for me (it doesn’t open), but it is still cute to have as a little extra!

Overall, I really love this set and can’t wait to see what comes out from this line in the future!

Who is your favorite Ever After High doll?

Until next time this is Natalie signing off, click!