Ever After High Briar Beauty

On the heels of the very popular Monster High series, Mattel has launched Ever After High – it is along the same lines as Monster High, but the dolls in the series are sons and daughters of famous fairy tale characters. Depending on the character they are also a Rebel or a Royal. Natalie recently used her birthday money to buy Briar Beauty, a Royal who is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty. Here are her photos and her thoughts/review.

Ever After High Briar Rose

Meet Briar Beauty, Briar is the gorgeous daughter of Sleeping Beauty! You can probably guess her flaw… Having trouble staying awake! She is trying as hard as she can to live her life to its fullest before her destiny becomes reality and she falls into a deep 100 year sleep. Briar is TOTALLY a fashionista, her least favorite subject is grimm-nastics because she has to wear the same outfit as everyone else! You can tell she is a royal… Not a rebel.

Ever After High Briar Rose

As all the Ever After High dolls, Briar comes with the basic stand (hers is rose pink) and key shaped hair brush. She also comes with a bookmark which you can unfold to find her journal entries!

Ever After High Briar Rose

Briar also comes with a black and silver purse(which sadly I can’t open), a black and pink rose bracelet, and a small pink ring! I am quite surprised that she hasn’t had the ring fall off yet.

Ever After High Briar Rose

On her chest, she has a unattachable necklace/sleeves piece. It all connects in the back with two little hooks. She also has really pretty silver earrings in. The necklace is very detailed and the rose sleeves are too cute!

Ever After High Briar Rose

On her head she is sporting an adorable pair of pink sunglasses. The top part is made to look like a tiara! Briar’s hair may be frizzy but its very smooth and easy to brush. One little braid or cute style will do the trick!

Ever After High Briar Rose

Moving on to shoes, Briar has a pair of sparkly pink heels! The straps on the heels have little spike detail to look like thorns on a rose bush, and of course they MUST have the adorable rose on them!

Ever After High Briar Rose

Briar has some grey tights with black accents. They work with the theme of roses so well! Her dress is a rose pink with black accents and is made out of a polyester fabric.

Ever After High Briar Rose

Briar has 11 points of articulation which sure does make her fun to play with!

Ever After High Briar Rose

I am sure you all wanted a comparison of the Monster High and Ever After High!

Ever After High Briar Rose

So I switched the girls shoes and found that Briar’s shoes was too big for Frankie! Frankie’s was too small for Briar. There go my dreams of seeing Briar walking around in those icicle boots…

Ever After High Briar Rose

Monster High can share clothes with Ever After High but while I was changing them I noticed Ever After High wasn’t as thin as Monster High. That makes the clothes a bit tight on our Ever After High.

Overall I love the new Ever After High dolls and can’t wait to see what they have for the coming year!

Are you a Rebel or a Royal? What do you think of the new Ever After High line?

Until next time this is Natalie signing off, click!

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  1. Irene says:


  2. Sparkie says:

    I love the Ever After High line, I already have Madeline Hatter, Ashlynn Ella, and Hunter Huntsman. Hunter is my favorite, he’s so much fun to take pictures of! I’m definitely a Rebel.

  3. Julia says:

    I love ever after high! They are adorable I have two of them.

  4. StoryTeller says:

    Totally a Rebel! XD
    My favorites are Cerise Hood, Raven, Maddie, and the set with Hunter and Ashlynn (Okay, so I guess there’s one Royal in that lineup…). I don’t actually have an EAH doll yet, but I hope to at least get Cerise soon, and Hunter and Ashlynn if I like Cerise. : )
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures, Natalie!

  5. Gail says:

    shes the only one i kinda like, all their faces seem cold and unfriendly to me. I like the drawings better

  6. Meg_DollFanInAfrica says:

    Love her shoes and would consider buying her.

  7. Riseofthebravetangleddragons says:

    I have Getting Fairest Briar but not basic. I think the Briar dolls have always been my favorite out of the main cast though. And if she didn’t have the pink in her hair she would look awesome in Frankie’s dress! My favorite EAH is Blondie Locks.

  8. Xyra says:

    Nice review! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on the addition to your doll family.

  9. sara says:

    I am a rebel with a dash if royalty! LOL
    I like the new Madeline hatter with pigtails and ashlynn!

  10. Lulu says:

    I LOVE Ever After High. I have three dolls myself (Briar, Apple, and Blondie) and I guess I’m mostly royal with a bit of rebel mixed in:)

  11. Gail says:

    i do like cerise hood a little but, im totally a rebel but could totallly hang with the royals

  12. She’s not my favorite, Maddie is more my style (; But Briar is cute! Does anyone know how to pronounce her name- I’m stumped \( ‘-’ )/ ?

  13. Katie M. says:

    She’s cute but I have Apple White and prefer Apple! Apple is so detailed and awesome!
    I’m half royal half rebel! :D

  14. Chickadee says:

    I have Maddie, I got her for my birthday, and a few days later, her hair was a mess! It has settled down now, but I was so afraid to brush it! Also, at first when I opened the box, I couldn’t find the stand! After a while, I was looking online to see newer EAH dolls, and I noticed that the description of Maddie said she came with a stand! That called for some investigation with the box, which I had saved for storage purposes. I opened every flap, and finally opened up the bottom, and there was the stand! Taped to the inside of the box. Weird right?

  15. Chickadee says:

    JulietXD, I think it is pronounced Bri-er

  16. TwilightFan says:

    By the way, all the stands are rose pink.
    I have Madeline Hatter and she is gorgeous! Her teapot purse opens too!

  17. Lauren says:

    I would totally be a Royal!

  18. Kristen L. says:

    I love this series! I don’t have any of the dolls yet…

  19. misspiggy=awesome says:

    I love EAH! I have Maddie. I would probably be a Rebel…

  20. DipperlovesSaige says:

    For some reason, I got Madaline Hatter, and I’M A ROYAL!! That’s just Crazy! But, I still Love my doll. :D

  21. misspiggy=awesome says:

    And JulietXD, it’s bry-er.

  22. Venus says:

    Anybody here have Raven? XD
    I got her for Christmas.

  23. kananirulz says:

    I would probably be a rebel. BTW, Briar uses her sunglasses when she falls asleep as a sleeping mask.

  24. kananirulz says:

    I would probably get Cedar Wood if she gets a doll (or if she already has one)

  25. Chickadee says:

    I think I would be both a royal and a rebel. Like Elsa from frozen!

  26. Ella says:

    I’m a rebel and I don’t have any EAH dolls. But I have 4 MH dolls. I will probably get Raven Queen and if I like her I will get Cerise Hood.

  27. Madelon says:

    Great review Natalie!

  28. AGInParadise says:

    I don’t feel like they are anything special, but I guess I like them. I am more into play dolls instead of fashion dolls anyway so… Ah idk. xD I’m not really sure what I am. xP

  29. crazy4chrissa says:

    Oh-No… You have officially tempted me (again!!) I am starting to REALLY like the Ever After High dolls…
    Natalie, Briar is SOOOO cute!!! :)
    I better start saving up…

  30. Nina says:

    I’m a little of both;) I love this line! I won’t be getting any yet, but the idea is creative, the dolls are cute, and they seem like good quality!

  31. HeartsandDolls says:

    I’m a rebel all the way!

  32. Haley says:

    I’m a rebel definitely

  33. Abby says:

    I’m a royal.

  34. misspiggy=awesome says:

    kananirulz, Cedar should be coming out sometime this year! A Mattel employee said so.

  35. Anonymous A. says:

    I love her! I think a rebel. i hate crowns. XD

  36. Katie M. says:

    Hey Natalie, I’m expecting to see a new AGSM on The Singing Dollies channel soon that includes Briar! ;)

  37. cordelia says:

    I ‘m not familiar with this line so I really appreciate your great review and photos, Natalie. It’s always fun to learn about dolls!

  38. Kitty-Kat says:

    I have Maddie Hatter (daughter of the Mad Hatter). I am a Rebel but I have a teeny bit of Royal in me. I hope to get Ashlynn Ella (daughter of Cinderella) and Hunter Huntsman (son of Huntsman) soon!

  39. kananirulz says:

    Misspiggy=awesome- Thanks for letting me know! They really seem cool.
    I am probably a mix of Rebel and Royal.

  40. Vivi says:

    I’m def. Royal! So many reasons…..

  41. crazy4chrissa says:

    I’m a Royal for sure!!! :)

  42. Luna says:

    I’m Royally Rebellious!My favs r Cerise,Maddie,Kitty,and Raven.