Hi everyone! Natalie here. Ever since I saw the Ashlynn Ella doll from Ever After High, I wanted to add her to my collection but until recently I had only seen her packaged with the Huntsman and I really didn’t want him, too. For Christmas I got Ashlynn Ella Legacy Day and she was definitely worth the wait!

Ashlynn comes in the standard Ever After High box. Our dog stepped on the box before Christmas in attempt to eat the holiday chocolate, so it is a little damaged! 🙂

There is a little message about their Legacy Day on the back. I love the cartoon version of Ashlynn Ella on there!

Ashlynn comes with a gold plastic brush, clear stand with gold base (not pictured), legacy day book, plastic key, and gold purse.

Here is Ashlynn out of the box. Let’s go into more detail on this!

Her ring has a little bird in a cage detail on it, the ring is very small and falls off easily.

She comes with two small bracelets. One is pink with an unknown detail (Bird? Flower?) and the other gold with little birds on it. 

Ashlynn also wears a gold and pink necklace with a flower and feather detail.

Next are the earrings. These bright blue feather detailed earrings are too cute!

I especially love Ashlynn Ella’s purse! It is way too adorable. The only sad thing is that it does not open… Oh well, it is cute anyways!

Ashlynn is the daughter of Cinderella… Of course she has to have crazy awesome shoes!

Her crown is the same material, it stays on her head really well.

Ashlynn Ella’s clothing is the best part. It is a one piece dress that is pink and blue with floral designs. The silhouette is very unique, and the fabric is great!

The top half of the dress is very pretty as well. I love the pattern on it!

Ashlynn arrives with a beautiful pink cape. The cape is made of a stiff fabric with gold trim and a floral print, it looks really good with her outfit.

It sits well on top of the dress too! 

Now one the the most interesting pieces, the Legacy Day book. This is a hollow plastic container with gold detailing and a small mirror on the top, it has a little gold key that fits into the key hole! Awesome, right?

The book even opens up to store little accessories that could easily get lost!

Overall I am very happy with Ashlynn Ella! She is a gorgeous doll who is totally worth every penny. She retails from about $26-$30 dollars. We got our doll from Amazon but have also seen her in Target and Toys R Us.

We filmed a video with some different angles you can see. The DollDiaries channel is starting up again with more fun videos so keep checking that! 

Until next time this is Natalie signing off, CLICK!