I don’t know about you, but I like the Ever After High dolls even more than Monster High dolls. Right now they live peacefully together in Natalie’s bookshelf. One of our readers, Bethany, has Ever After High Apple White and was kind enough to send in a review of her for us.


Today I am mostly reviewing Ever After High Apple White, but there will be a few pictures of Madeline Hatter as well.

Every Ever After High doll comes with a stand with three pieces. The part that holds the doll slides up and down for more posing options, and there are the words “Ever After High” on the base of the stand.

All the clothes are removable, so you can mix and match the doll’s outfits. (doesn’t apple have nice hair?)

All the dolls come with very original shoes and no two pair of stockings are alike. I’m not particularly fond of Apple’s, but some of the others, like Briar Beauty’s, are very cool.

These dolls are very photogenic, don’t you agree? The dots on the lips must be part of the makeup style, because they’re on all the Ever After High’s.

Here is a picture of all her accessories.

The apple-shaped purse opens, so you can put accessories inside. I like to keep some of her jewelry in here so I won’t lose it.

Here’s her necklace. The bow on the side definitely adds a touch of her style to this elegant piece.

This is her ring. It’s golden and shaped like a bow, and it also goes on two fingers (her two middle ones on each hand). Bows seem to be a major asset to this outfit.

This is one of her earrings. They are shaped like apples with a bow (again, a bow) on top. The long studs coming from the back go into holes on her ears just like with an American Girl Doll’s earrings.

This is her headband. I love the gold crown they put on top. It has a little tiny apple instead of a gem on the top of it. When it’s on her head the crown and bow nestle just a little to the side.

Every doll Comes with a hairbrush (but I don’t think I’ll ever use mine on Apple. It might ruin her beautiful curls).

Every doll also comes with a short story of their everyday life at Ever After High that spreads onto both sides of the page.

As told in the stories and on their website, www.everafterhigh.com, the Royals and Rebels are always ‘at war’, so to speak. So what are Royals and what are Rebels? Royals are the girls who are willing to follow their legacy and be what their parents were before them. Rebels are the girls who would really rather not, like Raven Queen. She doesn’t want to be the next evil queen and poison Apple White, but the teachers at Ever After High say she has to. For some reason, Apple is trying to convince her to follow her destiny, even though it means she will be poisoned by Raven in some way.

That completes my review. Thanks!