Entrepreneur JoJo started a Hiking Guide business to make some spending money.  At the end of her hikes she offers her hikers a cookout.  JoJo’s favorite thing to cook on is her Camp Stove.  Here is a fun way to make a Camp Stove for your doll…

My inspiration for JoJo’s Camp Stove is American Girl’s summer 2014 Camp Stove.


  • The Duck Brand crafting tape sheets in aqua and silver
  • Thick white foam paper
  • Thin yellow foam paper
  • Thin red foam paper
  • White cardstock paper (any color will work)
  • Aleene’s Max Tacky Glue
  • Glue Gun
  • ¼ inch circle hand punch
  • Pony beads (red and black)
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Altoid Tin (I chose Wintergreen because of the lid color)

First I traced and cut out the outer and inner top lid and the bottom of the Altoid tin.  I love using the Duck Tape crafting sheets.  You can trace your design on the back of the sheet and easily cut it out.  A sharpie works best for drawing your pattern as the tape backing has a somewhat of a waxy surface making a pen or pencil hard to write on it.  I used two layers of white cardstock paper (just folded it over) and cut down to the size of the outer and inner lid.  Make the paper smaller than your duck tape so there is enough tape on the edges to stick to the tin.  You have to use the cardstock to cover the depressions of the Altoid lettering.  The bottom of the tin can is covered alone with the Duck Tape because it is a flat surface.

Now for the stove details!  I used a label maker to make a top and front Coleman logo.  I hot glued two red pony beads for the front knobs.  I used the circle hand punch and red foam paper to make the ignition button.  I hot glued 4 black pony beads to the bottom for feet.  (Sorry for the blue beads being pictured.  I changed my mind on color.)

I wanted to build up the inside surface of the tin.  I traced and cut out to pieces of thick white foam paper.  Using Aleene’s Max Tacky Glue, I secured these foam pieces to the tin and each other.  I prefer this glue over hot glue because hot glue would adhere too quickly tearing the foam paper while I adjusted it into place.  I cut two small strips of silver Duck Tape and attached it to the bottom back and upper tin to keep the lid from opening fully.  Next, I cut out thin strips of silver Duck Tape and attached to the piece of yellow foam paper.  Do not use yellow cardstock paper, it will wrinkle when you try to put it into place inside the tin; foam paper is more forgiving.  Once the grill rack was done I used Aleene’s Max Tacky Glue to adhere it into place.

The grill tongs are tweezers from a travel sewing kit found in the dollar bins at Michael’s craft store.  The hotdogs are erasers found in the dollar bins at Target.  The corncobs were made from cutting the tips off of corn shaped corncob holders, a green pony bead, and green foam paper.

Doll’s pictured: