When the Springfield Doll company and I first started talking about setting up a review of their dolls and sponsoring a giveaway on Doll Diaries (PS click that link – there is still time to enter), I assumed they would send me one doll and an outfit or two to review. I certainly didn’t expect them to send me 5 dolls plus trunks, outfits and accessories. However, looking back, by having all of those items here to touch, play with, use in scenes and get to know really helped me give my readers an honest opinion about the Springfield Dolls.

From the beginning we have known that I adore little Miss Madison and Natalie fell in love with Olivia’s beautiful red hair. We will be keeping Madison and Olivia to use in our doll family and as part of Doll Diaries review posts, scenes and such in the coming year. On the other hand Emma, Abby and Maria’s jobs are not done yet. They still have a final task – their job is to make three little girls happy. I am taking them to my daughter’s elementary school this morning and with help from the school guidance counselor these three dolls will be going to families who are in need. Chances are I will not know who gets the girls, but I do know the counselor has been talking with teachers this week to identify three girls who have shown an interest in dolls who are also considered to be from a family in need.

Springfield dolls Emma, Maria and Abby

We decided rather than just present the dolls in their meet outfits in their boxes that a special outfit and a special hair do for each girl would make her a little more special. Emma is wearing the top, jeans and tennis shoes from the Pop Princess gift set and I put her hair in two low braids. Maria is wearing the pink gown and patent flats from the Party Princess gift set and I took the front sections of hair and brought them back in two braids and let the rest be down. Abby is ready for a sleepover in her Pajamarama gift set jammies complete with bunny slippers. I had fun with Abby’s hair. Look close below:

Double headband braid hairstyle on dolls

For Abby I made a double headband braid and then left the rest down. Basically all you do is take a small section of hair and braid it over the top and then secure it to the hair on the other side like a French Braid and repeat on the other side. If you want, I can do a tutorial video in the next few weeks. And just so you know, I will be uploading two new hairstyle videos from Megan later today and tomorrow.


So I just got back from meeting with the counselor at the school and she was so happy to meet Emma, Maria and Abby! She knows exactly who will love Maria and says now that she has met the other two she can find the perfect girls for them too. Before I headed to the school I stopped in Target to pick up a few things. I just HAD to go through the doll aisle, because that’s what I do, and I found these adorable little pets from Our Generation on sale for $1.99 each. I bought one for each of the dolls I was donating – because every girl needs a companion! I hope they like their new puppies, too.

Our Generation dogs

Good luck to Emma, Abby and Maria!! We will miss you but know that you are going to special homes and will make three new little girls oh, so happy!