Do you like to make seasonal crafts?  I think seasonal doll crafts are fun because I get to be crafty and I end up with something I can add to my collection.  That means more fun for doll scenes and play!

Speaking of doll scenes this one is completely put together from projects I’ve made in the past.  Ha!  Who spotted the vase from last week sneaking into a Halloween scene?!

Yes, enjoy a little craft project and collect fun doll accessories at the same time!

This is Emily’s scene because she is rocking it today in her Halloween outfit! 🙂

Mini Paper Pumpkins

Emily’s pumpkin’s are quick and easy to make and a fun project you can use in doll scenes through the whole fall season.

Mini Paper Pumpkins-8

Let me show you how they’re made!

Mini tissue pumpkins-18


  • orange tissue paper
  • green paper
  • styrofoam ball
  • pencil
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • butter knife
  • glue

Trim just enough off of the styrofoam ball to flatten one side.  Use a butterknife because it is safe and will easily cut through the styrofoam.

Mini tissue pumpkins-19

Fold the tissue paper and cut it into strips.  Folding the tissue paper first will make it easier and quicker to cut the tissue paper.

Mini tissue pumpkins-20

Start wrapping the tissue paper strips around the styrofoam ball.  Use a pencil to push the tissue paper into the top and then the bottom every time you make a pass.

Mini tissue pumpkins-21

Continue wrapping the tissue paper around until it covers the whole ball.  Continue to push the tissue paper down at the top and bottom of the ball.  It will help hold the tissue paper in place.

Mini tissue pumpkins-22

Take a strip of green paper and wrap it around the end of a thin paintbrush.

Mini tissue pumpkins-23

Trim the tube to a length that works as a pumpkin stem.

Mini tissue pumpkins-24

Place glue in the hole, made by the pencil, on the top and the bottom of the pumpkin.  Stick the stem into the hole on the top.

Mini tissue pumpkins-25

Take a thin strip of green paper and wrap it around the end of a paintbrush.

Mini tissue pumpkins-26

Pull the center of the wrapped paper out to create a little curl that will be the pumpkin vine.

Mini tissue pumpkins-27

Glue the end of the paper vine next to the stem.

Mini tissue pumpkins-28

Add these little pumpkins to your fall decorations!

Mini Paper Pumpkins-2

Enjoy a little crafting and please enjoy a lot play! 🙂

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • DollEmily is a retired American Girl Historical Character
  • Outfit-Shirt is made from this free pattern.  Skirt is made by Anna.  Halloween belt tutorial is here.  Bag is from my collection.  Boots are from American Girl GOTY 2015 Grace’s meet outfit.
  • Scene-Fireplace tutorial is here.  Halloween banner tutorial is here.  Plate tutorial is here.  Vase tutorial is here.  Orange plate is a thrift store find.

Craft, collect, play, play, play!!