How is it that Elmo seems to be a hot Christmas/Holiday toy year in and year out? I mean, he goes from Tickle Me Elmo and all those renditions to TMX Elmo, and now this year Elmo is Live. Live as in the robotic, interactive Elmo Live toy that sings, dances, talks and moves. Check out the video from the New York Toy Fair this year:

Measuring in at 12″ tall, Elmo Live is targeted for children ages 18 months and up. You activate your Elmo Live by pushing his nose, his back, belly or foot. Then Elmo gets going. Elmo will play games, tells a few jokes, does the silly dance while he sings the silly dance song, too. He doesn’t just spout out canned recordings. Elmo likes to interact with kids and asks his fair share of questions. If you are playing with his nose, he will ask “do you have my nose?”. When Elmo’s friends lose interest, he will yawn and put himself to sleep – in battery save mode until he is woken up again through a push to his nose or other activation spot.

Elmo Live takes 6 AA batteries in order to power his magic. The mechanism that powers Elmo’s motion can be a little noisy and that sometimes makes it hard to hear everything he is saying. Very young children may be frightened my Elmo’s quick movements and loud noises. Be sure to play with Elmo with them until they get used to it. Children ages 3 to 6 will probably get the most play out of Elmo – especially those with a good imagination. Older children will probably find it to be a novel toy but will lose interest fairly quickly.

Elmo’s body movements are very realistic from the Muppet perspective. He crosses his legs and you immediately are reminded of Elmo performing on Sesame Street. The laugh is incredibly realistic which is good and bad – I think it would get very annoying after a while.

Elmo Live sells for approximately $60 which is twice as much as the previous Elmo TMX sold for. If you are thinking about picking up an Elmo Live I would say, pick one up now if you see one or check the online sources. Some retailers are limiting purchases to two at a time, based on the fact that they consider this to be a hot toy this year.