Ellowyne Gets A Little Miss Matched

I needed a quick break from the work I have been doing this morning and after seeing some of the creative doll clothing ideas everyone has been coming up with lately, it occurred to me there was good possibility that the Wilde Imagination Ellowyne dolls just might be able to borrow a few pieces of clothing from the Little Miss Matched girls – especially since both dolls are similar in proportion body-wise and they are both designed by the Robert Tonner’s team.

Ellowyne Wilde wearing Little Miss Matched

Elle went into one of the Little Miss Matched fashion packs and picked out the reversible skirt and the green flyaway top. Since this Ellowyne (Dark Days) came with a sleeveless black tank top that is attached to her hose it is really easy to layer pieces on her. The long sleeve shirts did not work, but at least the girls have a few pieces they know they can work with. I can’t wait until the City Girls line from Tonner Toys is out – something tells me they will also be able to share some items with Ellowyne.

Dark Days Ellowyne Wilde

I just realized that her elbow looks a little funky in these pictures! I am still getting used to working with dolls with bendable limbs and have to train my eye to look for things like that before I snap my pictures. Since I really need to get back to doing other things right now, I’m not retaking these. Elle was tired of having her hair back in a fishtail braid so I decided to give her a quick low ponytails do that is a bit more youthful to match the outfit she picked out.

Have fun with your dolls!! And don’t be afraid to let them try on clothes from other dolls, be creative with their accessories and use your imagination! That is what it is all about.

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  1. Aw, how sweet! I really want one of these dolls, so when I get one, I’ll have to remember that. Thank you!!!


  2. sweet and awesome!!

  3. Anastasia says:

    So cute! I really want a Little Miss Matched doll.

  4. Fourthie,Cute! It shows a different side to Elle!

  5. Char if you go to play at american girl.com and go to McKenna there is a small picture of the Mckenna’s movie cover. just thought id tell you.

  6. Love Elle’s hair in these photos!!! 😀

  7. Erica – yes, I have seen that – can’t wait to see a larger image.

  8. u r making me fall in love with these dolls! i will have to get one some day i like the prudence Not All Black & White

  9. i would name her pixie! they are so expensive though!

  10. Gail – you just have to watch the Wilde Imagination site – they have awesome sales from time to time – like I got Raw Edges Ellowyne for about half price with free shipping, too.

  11. cool thx char! i joined the mailing list so i can stay updated. check out the one i mentiond she is very pretty

  12. Very cute outfit on Elle! I may have to look into buying some of those clothes for my dolls!

  13. Sherie – you can find them at Toys R Us – I think there are four fashion packs right now with more new outfits coming out later this year.

  14. I am totally in love with wilde imagination

  15. Char- I looked on the toysrus website and tried to find little mis matched dolls and i could not find them.

  16. Alicia – here is a link to all the places they are sold: http://tonnertoys.com/where-to-buy/