This is a guest post by Elizabeth.

When I was little girl one of my favorite dolls was Barbie. I had lots of Barbies and I loved playing with them. I still collect a few of them when the urge hits. I love dolls that pose so recently I was looking at the Barbie Fashionista dolls. I was interested in them, but I really did not care for their clothes. I like longer skirts and sleeves 🙂  Preferably gorgeous ballgowns or princess dresses or historical looking outfits. So to solve the, “what shall Barbie wear if I buy her?” question I ended up on Ebay. I searched, “Barbie Dress” and checked “Buy it Now” and organized the search by low to high price. Here is what I found.

Barbie gowns

The price on these dresses? $2.50 each, buy it now with free shipping all the way from China! It took about twenty days for them to get to me, but for the price, I’m not complaining about that! Also, the dresses have a lovely overlay on the front, but it doesn’t go all the way around to the back. Again though, for the price I’m definitely not complaining! They look dazzling from the front!

Barbie gowns

The Barbie Fashionista dolls can be fun –  I do like their posing abilities and she is a good starter for some one who might be interested in an Ellowyne Wilde doll but wants to see how the posable joints work first. These barbies have the exact same number of movable places as Ellowyne does, though Ellowyne poses better.  Also, Ellowyne dolls are much higher quality, detailed, and larger (and more expensive).

Barbie gown

Here are my “Stardoll by Barbie” dolls. I love the faces on these dolls! Each one is highly detailed and unique in look. They are however quite stiff as only their arms and heads move, their legs do not bend. However, they all come with a display stand and look very nice just standing. Their feet are larger than Barbie’s so they can’t share shoes but they can share clothes. The dress all the way on the left cost me $3. The skirt is three layers of ruffles.

stardoll barbie

Here is a shot of the “expensive” dresses I bought. Much more ruffly and detailed than the $2.50 dresses these cost me $3.50 each, head wear included. Again, with free shipping all the way from China… I was pretty blown away by the prices to say the least!

barbie gown

Here is a detail shot of the ruffles on this $3.50 dress. They are really detailed, well made, and go all around the back of the dress!

barbie gown

So, I’m quite pleased with my shopping experience! My dolls are quite pleased with their new clothes. There are tons of outfits on ebay. Some looked a lot less nice in quality than the ones I got. The $2 dresses especially just didn’t look interesting so you might, if your Barbies or similar sized dolls, want some new clothes, start looking in the $2.50 range and if you want to get blown away with gorgeousness, go up to $3.50. However, I noticed that multiple sellers had the same outfits listed but at different prices so definitely look around. However, at these prices, a $0.50 difference in price isn’t exactly huge. There were also sellers who sell random outfit sets of 10 or 15 dresses for an even lower cost per dress, but I wanted to know exactly what I was getting so I bought individual. The seller I bought these dresses from was All Goodluck for You just in case anybody would like any of these dresses as I think they still have some of them in stock.