We are doing a little time traveling this morning featuring a Victorian hairstyle from 1879.

Victorian Hairstyle for Dolls

The Hairdresser

My first french braid was on a barbie.  Small doll, so yes, a small braid.  The results were huge though, I could practice and see that braid in action.   Are you your doll’s hairdresser?  Today’s 16″-18″ dolls have lots of lovely hair, perfect to try out hairstyles from far and wide.

Victorian Hairstyle for Dolls

I did a little research to find this Victorian hairstyle on Pinterest from a magazine in 1879.

I love the sweet details.


It is a little sophisticated and formal from the front.


Twisted loops of hair are reminiscent of curly locks.


Let’s Make this Elegant Victorian Hairstyle!

What you’ll need:

  • doll with long hair
  • bobby pins
  • hair elastic
  • hairbrush

Loosely pull back the top front section of hair in an elastic.


Flip the pony tail forward, so we can work on the back first.


Start on one side and take a small section of hair.  Twist it tightly from top to bottom.


Fold the twisted strand in half, bringing the strand end up to the middle of her head.    The strand will twist up with itself.


Pin the end of the strand with a bobby pin.


Continue dividing, twisting, folding and pinning with the lower section of hair.  I did 8 sections of hair.


Flip the front pony tail down.  Gently pull the sides to loosen and relax the pony tail.


Check for the ends of strands that don’t easily tuck under the top pony tail.


Tuck the end under the overlapping hair and pin it.


Take a section of hair from the pony tail.  Twist it just like we did with the other strands.  Instead of folding it in half, let it curl up around the elastic band.  Pin it across the underside of the looped hair.


Continue with the rest of the loose hair.  I divided the pony tail into 3 sections.


The finished result will always look a little different.  This time it looked like a loopy bun.


I had to include a few more pictures.  They speak for themselves, just lovely!


Victorian Hairstyle for Dolls

Victorian Hairstyle for Dolls


I hope you find your inner hairdresser and have fun with this elegant Victorian hairstyle!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

A little twisting, a little pinning and a super elegant hairstyle!