Hello Kitty costume for dolls

Carrying on with the theme of Halloween, today I wanted to show you the Hello Kitty inspired Costume I made for my niece and her doll.

Hello Kitty costume for dolls

To make your own Hello Kitty costume for your doll you will need:

  • White fun foam
  • A print out of a Hello Kitty Face (download and print the one Karen used)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A ruler
  • 12 inches of ribbon or gimp
  • A pencil
  • A black marker
  • Optional Halloween Duck tape

Step 1- Print and cut out your Hello Kitty face

Step 2– Place the cut out on your fun foam

Step 3– Use your pencil to trace the shape, at the bow, slide your shape down and free hand draw the top of the cat’s head so it meets the other ear as I have done in the photo above, you can trace the outline of the whiskers or leave it blank and then color them in after.

Step 4– Now take your black marker and outline. You can put the paper tracer back over the face you drew and use your pencil to trace where the eyes and nose should be, press firmly but not so much that your pencil goes through your paper cat face, your pencil will leave a pattern for your to color in onto the fun foam.

Step 5– Outline your cat’s face, and color in the eyes and whiskers.

Step 6- Cut out your fun foam cat face

Step 7- Turn your cat face over so that the marker side is down. Now take the ribbon or gimp you have and measure 12 inches and cut.

Step 8– Tape one end behind each ear as I did in the photo above.

Step 8– Turn your cat shape over and you are almost done. You can either cut out the red bow from your printed paper or you can make a bow of your own for over the cat’s ear.

Step 9– To create the optional Duck Tape Halloween Bow, cut 5 inches of duct tape. Fold in one side to the middle as shown above,  

Fold the other side to meet it. Next roll the edges in towards the center.  

Step 10- Use another piece of Duct Tape to hold the edges of the tape curl in place. Turn it over and then add a tape loop to the underside of the bow, then press it into place over your cat’s ear as shown above.

DIY Hello Kitty costume for dolls

Step 11– Slide your costume over your dol’ls hair. Print and make a treat bag (click here for the Treat Bag post) and your doll is ready for her Halloween Party, trick or treating or Parade.

I look forward to sharing more Halloween Crafts you can make for your doll next week.