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By JGKelsey

Our Generation makes a lot of great outfits and accessories for American Girl dolls, but some of them are not as awesome as the American Girl items.  One of the items that I consistently feel falls short are the shoes.  All of them are super cute, with great colors and design.  I just wish they had better soles on some of the cloth shoes.  So I thought I’d fix them.

Today I’ll show you how to make a shoe sole using Mod Podge Mod Melts.  These make a great plastic sole.  Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


Print out two of the pattern sheets (Shoe.pdf).  Using one of the patterns, cut out two soles (or more if you want to do more shoes), trace the sole pattern onto the cardboard, then cut out the cardboard soles.   Place the other pattern sheet underneath the clear silicone matt.  This gives you an idea how big your soles need to be.


Once the glue gun is hot begin putting the Mod Podge on the mat.  Start in the middle of the sole pattern and work your way out.  Go a little over the edge of the sole pattern, making sure that there is a good layer of Mod Podge.  When you have totally filled in the sole pattern, take the cardboard sole and press it down into the Mod Podge, squishing it so that there is a little edge around the outside of the cardboard sole.  Make sure that you have the correct cardboard sole for the correct foot.  Let this cool for 10 to 20 minutes.  Make the other sole while that sole cools.


You can also make the soles without the cardboard.  Start the same way that you did with the cardboard sole.  Start in the middle and circle out.  Stay inside the drawn line of the pattern.  Because there is not any cardboard in this sole, it does not have to be as thick.  Make the sole flat by using some sort of plastic (I used a plastic serving tray that I cut) and push down.  Let the sole cool down.


When the sole is cool, curl the silicon mat and the sole should pop off.  If it does not, use something flat to help pry it off.  Cut the excess Mod Podge off of the sole, leaving a small edge past the cardboard. 


Now it’s time to glue the sole to the shoe.  With the cardboard facing up, put glue on the cardboard liberally (you don’t want it to squeeze out, but you want enough so that it sticks.)  Line up the bottom of the shoe with the new plastic sole; push down by sticking your finger inside the shoe.  This makes it so that the entire area really makes contact. 


Let the shoe sit according to the fabric glue’s instructions.  I use Aleene’s, and it says that it will stick in 3 to 5 minutes, will dry completely in 24 hours.  Read your bottle to check how your glue works.  Once the glue is dry, you have a shoe with a wonderful new sole.  I like these soles because they are more weather resistant (which is important since I take lots of photos outside) they also are nice and flat which helps the doll stand better.


The neat thing about Mod Podge is that if you want you can paint the soles to match the shoes.  If you do this, just make sure that you seal it with a paint sealer so it doesn’t stain your doll or her clothes.  You can also add glitter or ribbon or lots of different things to make the soles really unique.  So have fun!