Since we are all about cooking this week at Camp Doll Diaries, how about an easy and colorful kitchen rug for your doll’s space?


1.  I used an oval plate for my pattern.  Using a Sharpie, I traced the plate onto the felt.  Tip-if you get sharpie on a plate it can easily be removed if promptly wiped with a Magic Eraser.  I chose a thicker felt material that works great when putting holes in it.  I cut out my pattern.

2. Using a small tip scissor I punctured a hole large enough to get my crochet hook in it.

3. I used a small loom hook.  You could use any small hook tool.  I pushed the hook through the hole. (I had previously cut several pieces of yarn.  Each piece has to be long enough for you to loop over your fingers.  I would say most of my pieces were around 5 inches.)  I attached a piece of yarn around the hook.

4.  The yarn was pulled through to form a loop.

5.  The open end of the yarn was slipped through the loop.

6.  Then yarn ends were then pulled tight to close the loop.

These steps were repeated until the entire circumference was covered.  Then, with scissors I trimmed all edges of yarn to even lengths to complete the rug. You don’t have to use this only for your doll’s kitchen – it would look great in any room of your doll’s space.