“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.”

With all the fabulous patterns of Duck tape, I had to try a doll size stocking.

The fun color and pattern combinations are endless! Today I’ve chosen the playful penguins.

The zebra stripe fringe adds a fun touch around the top edge.

It is lined with Duck tape on the inside.  That means this little stocking can hold some fun surprises for Christmas!

Let’s get started!


  • Duck tape in 2 colors or patterns
  • scissors
  • ruler

First we will make the main part of the stocking.  Cut 4 strips of Duck tape in segments 5″ long.  With the pattern or color side down, overlap two strips together at a time.  Now you will have two sets.

Place a strip of duck tape down on the adhesive side of one set.  Place it at an angle almost the length of the set.  Be sure to place the tape so there is adhesive on three sides.

Trim off the extra tape.  Cut a small strip of tape and place it on the side of the bottom edge.  It will now look sorta like the letter “L” .

We need another set of tape strips the same size as our first “L”.   Lay down tape with the right sides together to get the right size. 

Add the small piece of tape to make the “L”, just like on the first.  Now our second “L” is just laying on the first and is not stuck down yet.  We will attach it when we add the top layer to hold it all together.

The top layer will be the second Duck tape segment we made.

Place the tape on top, sandwiching all the layers together.

You can see and feel the line of tape between the layers that makes the “L”.  We need to leave an adhesive border around that edge and cut a stocking shape around the “L”.  If you cut into the “L”  you will have a hole in the side of your stocking..  If this happens and you need to repair the hole, simply fold a strip of tape over the side.

Now let’s make the fridge on the cuff of the stocking.

Lay out 4 strips of tape 3 1/4″ long, each overlapped together.

Fold the tape strip down leaving an adhesive boarder.

Cut the fringe to the adhesive border 1/8th thick.

Wrap the fringe around the top.  Fold the adhesive to the inside, on the very top edge.

Continue to fold the front inside and work towards the back.

To make the loop hanger, cut a small strip of tape and fold it in half length wise.  Tape it to the top side edge.

Make one or make a few.

Make one for a friend!  Tis the season!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Enjoy putting out a stocking for your dolls!