Karen here, growing up our counters were always full of Canisters and Containers for Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Bread, Treats and Cake. When I was at my local dollar store I came across these fun containers that reminded me of the ones my parents had on their counters while I was growing up. So today I wanted to show you a fun way you can create kitchen decor items for under $5!

To create your own Canisters and Containers you will need:

  • A package of mini glass containers from your local dollar or craft store (look in the scrapbooking section)
  • Small clear letter stickers
  • A package of small plastic containers that look like mini versions of ones used in our own kitchen

* Some of your own polymer clay food or commercial doll food

Domed Cake Container

Step 1- To make the Cake container turn your plastic container so that the lid will be on the bottom and the clear bottom becomes the clear dome for the “cake”

Step 2-  Spell “Cake” using the clear stickers, place the stickers fairly close together.

Step 3- If you have any slices of doll cake that will fit inside place them inside using the lid as the base, as shown in the photo above.

Bread Box

Step 1- I found these rectangle shaped containers also at the dollar store on a previous trip they are made by the same company that made the round ones I used for the Cake. Turn this one upside down as you did the round one.

Step 2- Spell the word “Bread’ using the same stickers you used from the package for the Cake

Step 3- Place any bread type doll food in the container. I had dolly croissants from a craft I did a few years ago and they fit nicely inside the container.  Close the container and your Bread box is ready to display.

 Flour, Sugar, Coffee and Tea Canisters

Step 1- Open your containers and decide which container will be labeled with which word. 

Step 2- Spell Flour, Sugar, Coffee and Tea with your stickers on each of the canisters.

Step 3- *Optional but if you have your parents permission you could put a bit of flour, sugar, coffee grounds and tea into each canister and seal the lids with some glue to give them a realistic look. You could also used colored beads or glitter in each of the canisters and glue the lids shut.

Step 4- Now place on your dolls kitchen counters and enjoy!

Now your kitchen is classically decked out! Total cost for the items used in today’s craft under $5. $1.25 for the canisters, $1.25 for the Stickers, and $1.25 for the package of round containers which contained 10 so I have 9 left for other projects! Here in Canada our Dollar stores start at $1.25.  I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I look forward to sharing more fun doll play ideas with you again soon.