We are adding a new series to Doll Diaries called Dr Di’s TLC (Tender Loving Care).   Dr Di will be addressing many doll issues throughout the year as it relates to the loving care our dolls deserve.  Let’s not wait any longer…

Dr Di is the resident doctor at the new TLC Hospital.   She will be guiding us through many issues and adventures that occur to our loving dolls.  She will give us guidance on hair, cleaning, storage, restoration, etc. no topic will be left untouched relating to the care of our precious dolls.

Dr Di is waiting for her first case to arrive.  Who can it be?

Becky arrives at her appointment.  “Dr Di can you please help me?” said Becky.  “I have just been offered to instruct at the Hart Dance Studio and I am to select the girls who will be performing at the Spring Performance Dance.  My hair is a mess and I need help!” Becky told Dr Di.

Dr Di asked several questions and asked to see what Becky wanted to do with her hair.  Becky showed Dr Di the “perfect bun” that she had in mind.  Dr Di quickly made special arrangements and off they went…

To the salon they went.  Becky settled in her seat, while Dr Di looked for the tool she was going to use.

A closer look at the bun assist tool.  This tool comes inside the hair case in Isabelle’s collection.

Two other tools we will use are a spray bottle with water and a wire hair brush.  We spray Becky’s hair,  making sure no water gets into her eyes, so a light spray is fine and cover her eyes with your hand.  We brush the front so that some of the hair crosses her forehead, that is the style Becky liked.

Then using a cover coated rubber band tie the hair back in a low ponytail.

Becky brought her pink head band that she wanted to use, so this is the perfect time to place the headband in place.  This will hold the front hair in place.

Here is how it should look.  The low ponytail has had some light water sprayed on it to keep the hair together.

Now we are ready to use the bun assist tool.  It has a wire  inside so that it can bend.  Spread the sides apart providing a nice opening and bring the ponytail hair inside the hole. Make sure all the hair is in side the hole and squeeze the sides together near the end of the ponytail but making sure the shortest pieces of hair are inside the bun assist tool.

Now it is time to roll, and roll making sure you capture loose hair and roll tightly towards the head.  This is an upward roll, so the hair is rolled getting closer to the head.

Once you have reached the head, it is time to form the bun by bending the ends down forming a small round circle.  Once the ends meet at the bottom bend them inward towards the inside of the bun and spread the hair to cover the small gap.  You can use small bobby pins to hold the hair in place.  I found small black and brown bobby pins perfect for dolls at Target in the hair section.

Dr Di has completed Becky’s perfect bun using the bun assist tool. There are many ways to create buns using socks or just rolling the hair around and placing a net to keep it tight (the old fashioned way).  Dr Di wanted to specifically use the bun assist tool that is part of Isabelle’s collection.

Becky was so happy with her perfect bun, she went immediately to the studio to start working with the girls.

Fun Facts:
1. The hospital is the Pottery Barn Kids Pet Hospital, still available.
2. The Salon is from My Doll’s Life play scenes.  (http://www.doll-clothes.com/)
3. Dr Di is a custom 18″ My Twinn doll and Becky is Rebecca from American Girl
4. All props and outfits are from my doll collection.