Dr Di provides guidance on two small issues this week:

1. Becky loved her bun, but she went back to Dr Di to get her hair styled with her natural curls.
2. Isabelle wanted extensions, but did not know what to do.

Let’s see how Dr Di resolves these two challenges….

First Dr Di uses small rollers and a spray bottle with water to roll small sections of Becky’s hair.  The rollers stay on over night. The next day Dr Di checks to make sure the hair has dried by removing one of the rollers and touching the hair.

Once she is satisfied, all the rollers are gently removed without breaking the hair strands.  Here is how Becky’s hair looks with all the rollers removed.  No styling has been performed yet.

After just a little styling using the wire brush and curling  the hair around your fingers, Becky’s hair style is complete.  She wears her hair with a side barrette.  Becky is very happy with her curls.  Dr Di has a happy customer.

It was not long, before Isabelle arrived to see Dr Di.

“Dr Di can you please help me?” asked Isabelle.  “What can I help you with Isabelle,” said Dr Di.   “I would like some hair extensions, but I do not know what I want nor how to get them.”

“Well we must first start by selecting what color of extensions you would like,” said Dr Di.  “Let’s take a look at my board with all the colors available.  What would you like?”

“Hot pink said Isabelle, that is my favorite color.”   Dr Di looked in her special drawer and she showed Isabelle the hot pink extensions.   “This is perfect” said Isabelle.  “Good, let’s get started” said Dr Di.

“We can do this right in my office, take a seat please” said Dr Di. 

Here are the tools we will need: Spray bottle with water, pointed comb if possible and the hot pink extensions from Isabelle’s collection.

First spray Isabelle’s hair with a little water, this will keep her hair from flying off with static.  Using the point from the comb, locate the first loop.  Separate the front hair and bring it towards the front of  Isabelle.  Take the first hook of the extension and place it in the first loop.  We are working starting from left to right on the back of Isabelle’s head.  Once the hook is secured we move on to the next one.

See how the top hair is held up?  Using the point from the comb trace from the first loop to the second picking up the hair  with one of your hands and hold the hair away from the loop.   The take the second hook and slip it into the loop.

Using the same process with the point of the comb, trace to find the third loop.  Again keep holding the top hair up and once you find the third loop,  slip the third hook on.  Then bring down the hair you were holding to cover the extensions.  Spray a little water and brush gently with a wire brush.   I slip one hand under the hair and then brush this will prevent the wire brush from catching on her clothes or neck. Do this gently.

The extensions look great said Dr Di to Isabelle.  Pink is definitely your color.

To style Isabelle’s hair so that the extensions can be seen in pictures, the bottom hair from the back needs to be brought forward and her front hair needs to go back.  Notice the effect so that the pink shows through.  Only her hair tips show as her her is rustled  because the extensions are underneath and not on top.  Isabelle loves her new look.  Thank you Dr Di, said Isabelle.

Fun Facts:

1. Isabelle’s extensions can be on when gathering her hair to do low side ponytails,  just make sure the hair overlays in the back hiding the extension hookups.
2. The extensions can not be  on if you plan on doing a bun.  Whether a low bun or an upper bun , both are  done without extensions, so no  pink buns.

Have fun with Isabelle and Rebecca’s hair.