Dr Di loves to spend time at the cabin in the Georgia Mountains, she finds it so peaceful.  Let’s take a look at what Dr Di has in store for us this week…

Dr Di was hard at work when she opened a letter from a Doll Dairies.com Reader.  The reader requested  help in restoring a doll she recently bought at Goodwill for $2.92.   The reader sent the doll to Dr Di, so let’s see how she does it.


This is Jessie a Gotz doll produced for Pottery Barn Kids.  Dr Di examines Jessie and finds several good things and some not so good.   The good things are: the hair is not cut, her arms and legs are tight, her body is clean and has no smells.

The not so good things are:  the hair is a mess and it is very dry,  her eyelashes are missing, and her vinyl face, arms and legs need cleaning.

The first thing Dr Di does is clean the arms and legs using the Twin Pines of Maine product called Formula 9-1-1.  Cover the cloth body so it does not get wet.  Clean each limb one at a time and dry it before going on to the next limb.   Then wrap the whole body in a dry towel.   Next is the washing of the hair using the Twin Pines of Maine shampoo.  The rubber band is the original so that indicates that the original hair style was a high top bun. 

After applying the shampoo, just like you would if you are washing your hair, then it is time to rinse it out.  It is very important that all the shampoo is removed.   When finish,  wrap the hair in a dry towel, again just like you would do it on your hair.   Make sure the towel around her body stays on.   Then with a wire brush, a spray bottle with water, the detangler from Twin Pines of Maine and the styler product, start working on the hair.  Take each section and use the detangler and water to detangler her hair.   As in previous post style her hair.

Dr Di purchased some eyelashes at Target that would be perfect for Jessie.  With Jessie on your lap, make sure no eyelashes are left on her eyelid  using tweezers and a straight pin.  Then take one eyelash from the box and with the straight pin tuck the eyelash where  the previous eyelashes were located.  You will need to cut the eyelash with a small pair of scissors.  Repeat the process for the second eye.

Once the eyelashes are in,  take the straight pin and using the tip apply a very tiny bit of glue (you can use crazy gel).  Here is Jessie with her new eyelashes.

Let’s take a look at how the hair restoration turned out.  Dr Di styled her hair similar to the original style, the difference being that she tucked the ends inward to make a bun shape.  There were no hair pins used, the hair stays nicely tucked in.

A closer look at the restored Jessie.

Jessie has come a long way with Dr Di’s help.  She is wearing a new outfit from the Our Generation collection at Target. The outfit  fits very nice and it is lined so it will not stain Jessie’s body. 

What do you think of  Jessie?

Fun Facts:
1. The OG outfit is just starting to arrive at Target for $12.99
2.  Jessie is an older version of the Pottery Barns Kids Gotz dolls, the face mold has changed a little on the newer dolls.