Dr Di has had so many requests concerning curly hair, that she has gone away for the long weekend just to work on this for you.  So let’s take a look at what she has prepared…

Dr Di went to her cabin located in the Georgia mountains so that she could address some of the questions concerning curly hair.  Dolls just like humans have different textured hair and not all can be curled.  How the hair is placed on the doll:  wig verses rooted,  does not impact the type of  hair.  The material used for the hair quality is the major factor.  Manufacturers determine the hair material when designing the doll and it’s cost.  More on this at the end, but now lets look at two cases that Dr Di has for you.

Dr Di’s first case is her friend Carmen, who wears her wavy hair in a ponytail.  Now Carmen (Gotz doll) has wavy hair towards the ends but straight hair at the roots.  So there is no need to undo the pony tail, we can just correct the messy curls .

Here is Carmen’s hair after just a little styling.  Simply spray some water and then take  each section of the curls and finger curl  it using a wire brush.  Every section was fingered brushed paying attention to the way the natural hair was curled.  A smaller top piece was used to go around the ponytail band to hide the rubber band.

The second case is Cindy (Gotz doll) who has always dreamed of having curly hair, but instead was given layered straight hair.  Now Cindy is a very lucky girl because the Gotz dolls have the best hair to work with and style.  The hair is rooted but again that does not impact the hair quality.

Note: put a towel around the dolls neck before starting this, Dr Di is a professional so she knows how not to get water on the doll or the dress.

Using a spray bottle with plain water, small clip rollers (can be found at any Beauty Supply store), a pointed comb and I like to use the styling solution from Twin Pines of Maine.   We started by taking a small section of  hair around her face. Take the section of hair,  apply water and just a drop of the styling solution and comb it into the section of hair before rolling it.  Since her hair is layered, we will separate the smaller length from the longer length by pulling it up and using a duck bill clip to hold it until we finish working with the bottom longer layer.

Here is Cindy with all the rollers on, notice the two layers of rollers.  Now she just sits and waits until the next day, at least 12 hours.

The next day we do the one roller test to check if the hair is dry and once satisfied, we start removing the rollers carefully.   Always start with the bottom layer and gently clip off the roller and unroll the hair.  Once all the rollers are off, it is time to style her hair.

Here is a front view of Cindy before her hair gets styled.

Here is Cindy’s styled curly hair.  What is great about the hair quality of Gotz dolls, is that even with curly hair it can be wired brushed.  I simply used my fingers and the brush which unite the curly sections and create the look that Cindy wanted.

A closer look at Cindy’s new hair do, she loves it!

Dr Di again has two very happy customers.

Dr Di put together a little table to address the different hair types used by American Girl in the GOTY dolls.  The wigs used for the AG dolls, come in three different types: Curly, Wavy and Straight.  Although many hair  styles can be performed on these hair types, they can not be converted from straight to curly as was done with Cindy’s hair.  Only two manufacturers use hair material that can do what we did to Cindy’s hair, they are:  Gotz and My Salon Doll.    Both of these dolls have rooted hair,  I do not recommend washing the hair frequently or it will fall out with time.  Pick a type of hair you like curly or straight and then work with styling it different rather then converting  it .  The  amount of curls you give to your doll, solely depends on how round a roller is or type of roller you use.  The smaller the roller,  the curlier the hair.

Have fun styling!

Fun Facts:
1. Both Gotz dolls are the new limited dolls produced for Pottery Barns Kids.