As Dr Di waits for her next case, she remembers how she helped her now dear friend Marmie.

She remembers getting that so frantic call, just a couple of weeks ago.  Help me please the caller had said….

Am I defective?  She was on the store shelf, surrounded by so many other dolls, but they all seemed perfect, and she was not.  Will she be sent back? or will she be rescued?   Do you see her problem?…a missing portion of her left eyebrow.

She was so lucky, when a nice lady picked her up.  The nice lady looked and looked, she got placed back on the shelf, oh no!  But shortly the nice lady came back, I heard her talking to the Assistant Manager, they called me defective and the nice lady wanted a reduced price, will she get it?   After a little back and forth between these two adults, the nice lady won, she got her price!   Home I was taken and a call to Dr Di followed.

It did not take long for Dr Di to round up the tools required:   a plastic top that can be used to mixed paint, acrylic paint (this means it has to be water based) and a thin paint brush.   The paint has to match the existing eyebrow, Dr Di had no problem finding it in her tub of paints.  Also keep a damp towel nearby in case you have to wipe off the paint and start again.

The thinnest brush had to be used.  You must have a steady hand and it is very important to look at how the existing eyebrows are shaped and drawn on the doll.

What do you think?….with a little practice, it did take a couple of tries, here is the end result. Can you tell if the eyebrow was ever missing?  Dr Di made a friend forever, and she was named Mermie.

Fun Facts:
1. Do not walk away with what might seem like a defective doll, take another look and see if she is worth fixing.  Then negotiate with the store manager, they would rather sell the doll at a discount then return it which will cost them money.
2. I was able to get Mermie for $18, instead of her original price $27.97 and she is in perfect condition.