Are you ready for Doll Diaries Summer Camp?   Well let’s take a look at what Dr Di has been doing….

Welcome to Dr Di’s Doll Diaries Summer Camp Infirmary.  Dr Di wants to show you how you too can create your own Camp Infirmary.

Let’s  first create your sign for the Camp Infirmary and display it.

A full view of the Camp Infirmary contains: a bed or cot, a wheelchair, an area for supplies, an area to examine  the patient, and a desk for Dr Di.  We will take a closer look at each area.

Dr Di has a student as a camp volunteer, she wants to be a nurse and what perfect place to learn than summer camp.

Dr Di also recommends to establish some summer camp guidelines to stay safe and healthy.  Create your guidelines for your Doll Diaries Summer Camp.

When summer campers do not feel good and need a little special TLC, Dr Di has a bed to rest.  This was a restored bed, found at Goodwill for less then $5. Dr Di sprayed painted it lime green and made the bedding for it.  A perfect bed for the Infirmary.

Every Infirmary has to have supplies, and these little containers from the Dollar Store are great supply containers.  Each is labeled and ready for inventory.

Dr Di and Paris start to inventory the supplies before Doll Diaries Summer Camp begins next week.

Some supplies need to be kept locked in the cabinet, but they too need to be inventory.  The cabinet was found at Goodwill and was restored by painting  it.   It makes the perfect cabinet for the Infirmary.

A closer look at what is in the cabinet.  Some lotions, sunscreen, rubbing alcohol, cough syrup and hydrogen peroxide. These bottle can be found at Joann Fabrics and Craft or Micheal’s Craft, their labels were minimized from larger labels found on the internet as images.  Also Target has small travel size lotion that can be used as items for the Infirmary, but not to be used on the dolls.

Paris reminds Dr Di of  her stethoscope, which was made using a retractable ear buds from the Dollar Store and some duct tape.

Lets take a look at each of the supplies that Dr Di inventoried.  All the supplies came from the Dollar Store.

The band aids are Barbie Band Aids folded and placed in the container, the tongue depressors are actually mini plastic forks found at the dollar store, Dr Di selected all the green ones and broke them to only use the handle.  The cotton balls are really white small poms poms, the ear lights are finger lights found at the Dollar Store, these are so cute.  There are several types of  hair bands which will allow Dr Di to create summer hair styles and lets not forget the smiley face stickers  to give to the campers who visit the Camp Infirmary.

Little details of extra supplies are also found near the examining chair.

Dr Di makes some notes and enters the inventory into her computer, she plans to be ready for all the campers to arrive next week.

Will you be ready with your Camp Infirmary?

Dr Di will help you put together some essential items for the Camp Infirmary next week, so come back and check it out!

Fun Facts:
1. All items are part of my doll collection, backdrops are from AG retired Kristen Scenes and Setting books.
2. Dolls: Dr Di is a My 18 inch customized My Twinn Doll and Paris is a Kathe Kruse  Stylist doll