Dr Di found a very interesting concept in creating a “Stylish Makeover”.  She wanted to share her findings with the Doll Diaries readers.  Lets’ see what Dr Di has for us….

Dr Di found these two adorable girls and immediately knew they had to under go a stylish makeover.   They are 14 inches and have very pretty painted eyes, but who can they be?

After a little research Dr Di found these dolls to be from the Kathe Kruse collection.  They come wearing the striped one piece undergarment.  Kathe Kruse is a  German Doll manufacture that has been making dolls since 1905.  They are very well known for handmade dolls that have cloth arms, legs and body.  They also hand paint the face.

These two girls are part of the Marie Kruse Stylista collection.  The collection has three dolls named Paris, London and Berlin.   These dolls are all hard vinyl and are very easily posed.  They have a wig, but the hair is amazing.   These dolls are considered  high quality, and Dr Di agrees.

Dr Di found these dolls at two different locations.  Paris came from Amazon and London from eBay.  The Amazon arrival came complete with the clothes in a roll?  Yes, the Marie Kruse Stylista includes a roll which contains her clothes.

Unroll the clothes and see what you find!  Each piece of clothing has to be cut out.  You simply cut on the RED line with a good pair of scissors.  This was so simple and after you cut on the red thread remove the tiny pieces of thread.   Then turn the piece inside out and you are ready for the fun makeover.

Attached to the  roll was a bottle of glue glitter and two stick on rhinestone patterns. These can be used to decorate the pieces for the outfits.

Once the clothes pieces have been cut out and turned inside out, it is time to start styling the hair and cleaning the dolls.  Here Dr Di uses soft twist rollers to give the hair some wave. The dress above is not part of the clothes that came with the doll.

The box that Paris came in has an inner flap which has a picture of a dress form.   It was perfect to place Paris and introduce her with her new Stylista look.

Paris undergoes the Stylish Makeover with her new hair style as well as the pieces of clothes. Two purses came as  part of the set.  All this without sewing a stitch!

Here is London, her makeover consisted of a good cleaning of the vinyl using the Twin Pines of Maine Formula 9-1-1 product.  London has green eyes and gorgeous red hair.  Her hair was also styled with a braid.  The small thin braid contains a piece of the fabric from the clothes set.

Paris and London are wearing most of the pieces of clothes making them Stylista.  These were so easy to put together and so many possibilities, with just a little creativity.

While Paris walked through the park, she met Lola and Jenny.  Rembrandt loves to get petted.  Paris can easily interact with the 18 inch dolls.

Dr Di enjoyed creating these makeovers and finding the perfect models.  The Marie Kruse Stylista dolls are fun, high quality and will provide hours of creativity.  These dolls are still made in Germany but can be found on eBay and Amazon for less than $100.  You can purchase additional rolls with clothes for the Marie Stylista girl and they come in various colors.

Have often do you give your favorite doll a makeover?

Fun Facts:

1. Lola is an Adora doll, Jenny is a German doll by Schidkrot found at My Doll Best Friend
2. To learn more about Kathe Kruse dolls visit the Kathe Kruse US website
3.  Park backdrop and dog are from my American Girl collection