Dr Di loves to hear from her Doll Diaries fans and this week Dr Di will address three very special fans’ mail.

Dr Di spends time reading her fan mail. She picked three special issues to respond on and provide suggestions.  Let’s take a look at what she selected…

Jessica had three questions for Dr Di and she provided pictures to better assist Dr Di.

Jessica’s doll was manufactured by Gotz and the head mold was used on earlier versions of Precious Days dolls and Vision Forum Jubilee dolls.  The Precious Days dolls called her Jessica.

Look carefully and you will see the hair breakage and in the bottom picture are uneven and frizz hair.   The hair breakage happens to dolls who are very much loved and get their hair brushed frequently.   Two things to keep in mind with brushing the hair: 1. Make sure you use misted water and 2 make sure you use the correct brush, a wire brush with no white ball tips.   Try to style the hair and keep it styled for a couple of months.  The end of the hair tips are thin and frizzy, Dr Di would recommend to use the Twin Pines of  Maine conditioner to tame the frizz hair and trim the very tips of the hair.    Love your dolls but it is very important to use water and the correct brush.

Most manufacturers mark their head molds with unique numbers, names or symbols.  Gotz used the markings 120/16 on head molds used for the Precious Day dolls and the Vision Forum Dolls, it was the markings for this head mold.  

Haylee requested help with her new Goodwill find. Great find Haylee!

This is a Our Generation doll by Battat, sold at Target.   Since she has wavy blonde hair and aqua color eyes,  she may be Robyn.


Her wavy hair can be easily styled by using misted water and taking small sections at a time.  Making sure to detangle each piece, you could use the De-tangler product from Twin Pines of Maine to make it easier.  The blue stains will be more difficult to fix.   Use the Twin Pines of Maine Remove-Zit product, use as indicated.   It will take a while for the product to work and all the stain may not come out.   Since she was found at a thrift store, Dr Di recommends cleaning her vinyl with a wash cloth and the Formula 9-1-1 product and cold water, be careful to protect the cloth body by wrapping a towel around the middle.

Kylie loves her American Girl doll Molly,  but with time her hair needs help.

Molly’s dry hair and lack of shine can easily be fixed.  Dr Di recommends using the Twin Pines of  Maine shampoo, use it as recommended by their instruction.  Then use the conditioner and the detangler products after the shampoo.   Molly’s hair will be restored using the products, Dr Di has had wonderful  success with this process.

Thank you Doll Diaries readers: Jessica, Haylee and Kylie for sharing your pictures with Dr Di.