Dr Di received a special request this week from a Doll Diaries reader.   Her beautiful Gotz doll fell into a very common problem called Silver Eye.   Let’s see what Dr Di has to say….

Dr Di reviews the special request to address a very common problem called Silver Eye in dolls.

This is Sue’s Tess, she was manufactured by Gotz in 2001 and 2002 but distributed by a company named “Dolls Unlimited”.   Tess is just one of three dolls that were called “Little Sisters” and are famous because of their face mold.   This face mold was called “Mona Lisa”  because of the smile.  The Little Sisters dolls are very sought after by collectors and at times are hard to find.  The hardest one to find is Katie who has strawberry hair with blue-gray eyes.

All the Little Sisters dolls have the same markings on the back of the neck: the number 305

Sue’s Tess suffers the very common problem of Silver Eye.  Silver Eye is the result of the layers or decals that create the realistic color in the eye separating and losing color.  Many experts explain the cause of silver eye  as the  results of  several situations, such as heat due to a blow dryer or sun exposure.  Another reason can be from liquid such as water getting in the eye.  Unless you are the original owner of the doll, it is very difficult to determine the actual cause for a specific doll.   There is also the possibility of manufacturer defect when creating the sleepy eyes.   The eye on the left in the picture above is showing signs of silver eye.

Since Tess is a very valuable doll, Dr Di recommends the replacement of the silver eye to return Tess to her original condition.    A very well recommend Doll hospital that has Gotz parts is:

T.L.C. Doll hospital in Denver, Colorado.   This is their website:  http://www.doll-hospital.com/ 

Always call and talk to them first before sending the doll.

This is Tess from Diana ‘s collection, to show how Tess should look once the silver eye is corrected.

Tess is a precious doll and her Mona Lisa smile makes her very unique.

Dr Di recommends that the extra cost of restoring dolls like Little Sisters is well worth it.

Thank you Sue for sending in your pictures to Dr. Di.

If you would like to know more about the Little Sisters Dolls here is a good article: