While staying in her mountain cabin Dr Di encountered a little treasure and decided to share the restoration with the Doll Diaries readers.  Let’s see what Dr Di found and restored….

Enjoying time in her cabin Dr Di writes about the little treasure’s restoration.  Who can it be?

Little 9″ all vinyl Precious Moments.  The first Precious Moments dolls were debuted in 1978  and were porcelain.  The  first vinyl dolls were introduced in 1985.   This little girl is from 1992 which is stamped in back of her neck.  She was found at a Goodwill store for less than $2.00.

Her hair was a mess and she was in badly need of a makeover.

Her vinyl was cleaned using the Twin Pines of Maine Formula 9-1-1, which left her very clean.   Goodwill uses a black marker to place the price on the dolls, they are not consistent in where they do this, sometimes on the back of the neck or bottom of the foot or in this case on the thigh.    Only two products remove the black marking: Baking soda and Twin Pines formula 9-1-1.  Some people use the magic sponge, Dr Di does not use it.  Her hair was removed from the ponytail and brushed to remove the tangles.  Once it was nice and smooth it was put back up into a ponytail and the rollers were used to style the ponytail.   A clear rubber band was used to style her bangs.

Her dress needed to be clean to make her restoration complete.  Dr Di loves to use the Twin Pines of Maine product called Perk.  Perk is wonderful in cleaning all types of delicate doll clothes – I highly recommend it.

So here she is restored to her original look and ready to play with her new friends.

Little Boo loves to be scratch in back of the ear.  He made a new friend with Dr Di’s little treasure Precious Moments.

Do you have a Little Precious Moments doll?

Fun Facts:
1. Precious Moments vinyl dolls can still be found on eBay