Dr Di was reviewing the requests of  her many readers and decided to select a case she worked on many months ago.  She remembered having a customer come in with a real mess……..

As Dr Di sat in her office she remembers the poor customer with a mess in her hair.   Now you know Dr Di does her best to restore bad hair,  but this case had only one solution…..Re-Wigging!

Here are the tools Dr Di uses when starting the re-wigging process.   You must request assistance from an adult to use the nail polish with acetone.   You will also need a spoon, measuring tape, cotton ball and a thin wooden nail stick.  Dr Di had a wig available, more on that later.

Dr Di wants to show you what is used on BJD dolls which have smaller heads, it is called a wig cap.  Since the small heads like Kidz n Cats take small wigs, and BJD that do not have glue so that you can swap out wigs, a plastic flexible/stretchable cap is used under the wig so that it will not slide off.   When working with the bigger heads such as American Girl, there is no need for these wig caps.  The bigger head wigs normally use stretchable wig caps when the hair is sewn on it.

Let’s start the process.  Check the existing wig by pulling back and checking all around the wig and find a spot were the wig is not glued on tight, then using a spoon pull back insert the spoon and start trying to removing the wig.  Most wigs that come from the manufacturer are only glued around the edge of the wig and very lightly on top.  If you have purchased a doll from eBay and the hair wig has been changed, the previous person may have over glued the wig.

In the area where the glue maybe hard to pull off,  Dr Di uses the Nail polish remover with ACETONE, this will require adult assistance or supervision.  Place the cotton on the tip of the stick and dip it into the acetone.

Now take the stick and apply the acetone to the area. This may take a few times and while you are soaking the area pull back the wig until it is loose.

Once the wig is removed,  clean the area with the cotton dipped in the acetone. You do not have to remove all the glue,  in fact this will help the new wig stay on.  Do notice how the old glue was applied, around the edge and then some on top. 

Time to measure the head for the new wig.  Notice the tape measure goes around the head in the back and over the ears. This doll takes an 11″ wig.  She is a Disney doll, most American Girl dolls take a 14″/15″ wig,  the reason the wigs have two numbers is because they stretch.   So if your doll measures 14.5″  a 14/15 wig should be used.  Always measure before ordering your wig,  since all heads are slightly different in size, including American Girl dolls.

When placing the wig, turn it inside out and find the middle of the top, then stretch the wig front to the forehead and then stretch it all around the head.  It should fit snug and should have no air space between the doll head and wig, so stretch it all around.   Dr Di had several wigs on hand so let’s see which one looks best.

This one is closest to her original hair color and style, if you want to restore her to her original look.

This one is a lighter blonde and the hair style is a little more modern since it has no bangs.

This one is a more drastic change, almost a makeover, but it does bring her eyes alive.  

Notice: If you decide you want to glue the wig on, first tie all the hair together with a rubber band so as not to get glue all over it then use liquid glue and apply it around the edge of the wig and a little on top of the  head of the doll.  Have an adult do this since it can get messy.  Place the wig exactly how you want it and then let it sit so it can dry at least 24 hours, depending on the glue you use. I personally do not re-glue the wig.

So re-wigging a previous wigged doll is actually pretty easy, the biggest challenge is finding the new wig.  Now for rooted hair dolls you would have to shave off all the rooted hair and then apply the process above when ordering a wig and placing it on the doll, making sure to cover any of the rooted holes.

Where do you have find doll wigs?  The best place I recommend is Monique Doll Wigs on the internet.  The only problem I have is when selecting a color, there are no color samples so I go to eBay and look for the name of the wig and usually I find the color. There are other sellers on eBay for doll wigs, so you just need to do a little research.  Sometimes sellers even sell American Girl wigs from previous dolls.

Dr Di again had a very happy customer and she decided to keep the red hair color, would you agree?

Fun Facts:
1. The customer was a Disney Doll rescued from Goodwill for a couple of dollars.
2. The outfit is from Springfield collection and the shoes re from the My Doll Life As from Walmart.