Dr Di selected two questions this week so let’s see what she has to say…

Dr Di went to her cabin to relax and answer this week’s questions.

This is Alex, with frizzy hair. The hair was dunked in fabric softener. 

This is a picture of American Girl number 46 from Wiki

This is Kelly, Dr Di’s model which also has the same wig as number 46.  Kelly loves the tropics and lives in Miami, Florida. Notice how the hair is made of many tiny ringlets, or curls.  The ringlets use very small amount of hair.

Things that you would need: pick comb, spray bottle with water, small hair bobby pins (these were found at Target, but any beauty salon supplies place should carry them), wire brush may not be needed if you can use the comb to untangle the hair and lots of many, many straws.

You will need to cut the straws in smaller pieces to be used as rollers for the ringlets.  Experiment with different length for the straws,  they need to be able to hold the amount of hair being rolled.

Before you roll the hair, my best recommendation is to use the Twin Pines of Maine Shampoo.  If that can not be shipped to Australia, then a very gentle baby shampoo can be used. Do not use too much. Make sure the hair is wet and start with the bottom area.  Since Kelly’s hair has ringlets already Dr Di is showing us how to begin to roll the hair, but for Alex you will need to use the pick comb to select a portion of hair to start working on at the bottom of the neck, use a Duck Bill clip to hold the upper hair up and away from the area you are working with.  Dr Di has used this process in previous posts.  Select a small amount of wet hair and roll small amounts and use a bobby pin to keep it in place.

Now start rolling until you get close to the head, then use another bobby pin to hold in place.  The reason you start at the bottom is because the straws will overlay each other as you work up the head of the doll.  Start on the lower left and work towards you right. When you reach the end then begin another roll starting at the left again.  The head will be full of little straws.  Make sure you keep wetting the portion of hair you are working with, since the hair will tend to get dry as time goes on.  This is a very time consuming process so you must have a lot of patience.   Let the hair dry for 24 to 48 hours.  Then remove the straws starting at the bottom work your way up.  If this will not help, then replacing the wig would be the next step.

Kelly joins her friends who live next to the beautiful Miami beaches.