Even though Dr Di spends time at summer camps, she still has patients that she treats and today she has a special restoration.  Let’s see what she has done….

This is Lily a Our Generation Doll found at Goodwill for $2.92.  She has several problems but a very cute face.

She has painted nails, and black marks on the vinyl.

She also has marks on the face and very matted hair.  Her hair has a curl to it.

Her toe nails also were painted.

Dr Di washed Lily using the Twin Pines of Maine 9-1-1 and removed all the vinyl stains.  She then untangled the hair and then shampooed it using the Twin Pines of Maine Heads Up shampoo.  The hair was then styled using two types of rollers both found at the Dollar Tree Store.

After leaving the rollers on for 24 hours, her hair is shin and smooth and very easy to style.

Lily has a new look and a new outfit.  This is a Our Generation outfit on sale for $12.99. 

Lily is ready to go shopping and make friends.  Dr Di has a happy patient.  Lily is very pretty and her brown hair and eyes gives her a very pretty face.

Would you bring Lily home if you had found her as Dr Di did?