As Dr Di reviews her “To Do List” for the week, she realized that Doll Diaries’  Summer camp was around the corner.  Since Dr Di does so many rescues, she keeps a laundry basket of clothes that need washing.  Dr Di realized this was the perfect time to get the basket empty, so let’s see how Dr Di does laundry……

Dr Di’s favorite detergents are Perk and Booost from Twin Pines of Maine.  They are safe for delicate doll clothes and really gets all the dirt and stains out.

These were all the different clothes that were in the basket to be laundered.  As you can see there are various different colors and materials.  Dr Di believes that when you rescue a doll,  part of the rescue is washing and cleaning the clothes,  if they are wearing any at time of rescue.  If the clothes can be salvaged Dr Di usually does!

We need a bowl – Dr Di used a plastic clear medium size bowl filled with regular water.  Then added one or two cap fulls of Perk.  She used two caps full since there is a lot to wash.

In goes the white clothes, Dr Di does not like to mix different colors together, so white always go first.  All the white pieces got placed inside the water.  If you need to add some more water to soak them well you can add more water.

Once the clothes are well soaked, then it is time to add a little bit of the powdered Booost.  This product is very strong and really eliminates tough stains.

Pour it into the soaked clothes in the water.

Now blend it in and let the powder melt by moving the clothes around.  Then take the clothes and hand wash it by scrubbing gently, you will need to take the clothes out of the water, sorry no pics on this since my hands were busy scrubbing.

Place the clothes back in the bowl and let them sit and soak for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Dr Di  only does the 10 minute soaking after scrubbing with the white clothes, especially if they have stains.

Time to rinse out the detergent, by placing each piece under the faucet.  You will find that the pieces feel slippery, but as you rinse out the detergent well that feel goes away and you know that you have thoroughly rinsed out the detergent.  Now squeeze the water out and put aside to have it hang to dry. You can place the items on a towel until you finish with all the other pieces.

Next comes the light color pieces, you use the same steps as with the whites and you can use the same bowl with water.  You will notice that the water is a little dirty but not to worry that will not impact any other pieces.  Always rinse out the items with clean water from the faucet to finish the wash.

Next come the darker pieces.  Dr Di selected to do the blue dress by itself and when it was removed and rinsed out then the real dark clothes went into the bowl.  If clothes items have fine ribbon, you may want to remove them before washing, although Perk is very gentle, the Booost powder is very strong and most fine ribbons will not hold out.   You can select to prepare another bowl with just water and Perk for those items.

When all the pieces were done, look at the water now!  Amazing on how much dirt was on the clothes that the naked eye did not see.  That is why Dr Di recommends to wash doll clothes especially when played with a lot.

Make sure you pour the dirty water straight down the drain.  Make sure the bowl is put into the dishwasher to be washed with very hot water.   Also make sure to clean the sink thoroughly, with hot water after you are done, remember that dirty water has a lot of germs!

Time to hang the items to dry. Dr Di recommends not to use the dryer, but to let the clothes dry naturally.  She uses a spare bathroom to hang the clothes on the bar and leave it over night.

The next day the clothes were ready, but they needed a little ironing.  So after the ironing was completed here they are, everything that was washed.  They look like new!  In an earlier post Dr Di had rescued a Fancy Nancy in the blue dress and a Doll Diaries reader wanted to see the dress on Kit.  Well here it is, now that it is clean, Kit can wear it.

This is a Royal Baby, which Dr Di rescued this week.  She was so pretty, but needed cleaning and her clothes washed.  She is so adorable, she has become Alma’s baby sister.

So now you are ready to launder the clothes to be packed for your Sumner Camp adventures, happy washing!

Fun facts:
1. Perk and Boost are made by Twin Pines of Maine and can be found on their website:
2. The Royal Baby was from Goodwill for $1.21  and it is from the Royal Doll company.