Dr Di has added some essential items that all Summer Camp Infirmaries must include, lets take a look…

Paris is ready to help Dr Di.  She enjoys relaxing and playing with the cute pink lamb.

Paris shows us one of our first items: a mini sewing kit.  This was found at Michaels in the  $1.50 section.  It is the perfect doll size and a must for the Camp Infirmary.  There are always unexpected issues with clothes that campers wear at summer camp.  The sewing kit is a quick way to mend those unexpected tears.

The ear light is really a mini finger light, it comes in a package of 5 for $1.00.  It is so cute,  it actually lights up.  To  be used as an ear light Dr Di added a bead in shape of a small funnel.

Paris volunteers to help Dr Di show how the ear light will be used on campers.

Paris sits in the examining chair and makes sure her hair is not in the way.

Dr Di decides that the ear light works perfectly and Paris’s ear looks clear.

Now our last essential item is the First Aid kit.  All Camp Infirmaries must include a First Aid Kit.

Here is how Dr Di created the First Aid kit.   She found two different size pill boxes in the dollar section of  Target.  They have a removable white tray inside.  These trays can be used in the infirmary to keep small items.   Also Dr Di found a pouch which contains First Aid supplies at the Dollar Store, but she did not like the pouch.  A roll of Gauze was also found at the Dollar Store.

Dr Di removed the white tray and found that all these items fit.  The small band aids, cleansing wipe, small scissors, and roll of tape came from the First Aid orange pouch.  Dr Di cut some gauze and created a small roll.  Another item found at the Dollar Store is a package of two flexible ear cleaning sticks.   This makes perfect thermometers by simply adding a small black line and a red mark.

Finally Dr Di labeled the box, to make the perfect doll size First Aid kit.

Make sure your girls stay safe, but be prepared if accidents happen.