Dr Di is delighted as she continues to receive fan mail.  In her office she reads them all and decides what the topic for this week’s session will be.

After reading through her emails, she found a very unique and interesting question…

Dr Di has several wigs,  so let’s see what she recommends and what you will need.

We start with simple hair nets. These can be found at your local Sally Beauty (or other beauty supply) store.  Sometimes Target and Walmart may carry them as well.   Any color will do, the more important part is making sure the hair net is big enough.

Here is an example of  both a long and short wig.  The size of the hair net needs to match the size of the wig.

With longer wigs,  close the wig cap and twist the ends, as shown in the picture.

Place the hair net around the wig, tucking the ends, as shown in the picture.

If you still have he original plastic bag,  you can store the netted wig inside the bag.

Here are several different sizes doll wigs and how each are stored.

These two wigs did not have their original packaging so a gallon size plastic zip lock bag was used for both wigs.  Dr Di recommends that before sealing it,  make sure the air is released.

Of course the best way to store the wig is actually on the doll’s head.  If you remember from a previous post, our model is especially made for these wigs.  She so enjoys having a different look.

Which of your dolls have wigs?