Dr Di was reviewing her mail, when she came across a most interesting request from a dear fan. 

Dr Di took some time to think on how she could respond to the dear fan.

Here is letter Dr Di received, so let’s take a look at Dr Di’s response….

What makes a good mini photo story is using your creativity with your dolls and their pictures.  Start by dressing several of your dolls making sure their hair is styled and they have a few accessories.   Here is Maudlynne who Dr Di decided needed to be a little more fashionable using Little Miss Match outfits.

Since Dr Di never knows how the pictures will lead to a story, select different dolls and dress them for an adventure.  Here is Meredith and she decided to explore London as a tourist. 

Then Kayla was dressed in some new accessories from Journey Girl, which gets her ready for the London rainy days and let’s her explore with Meredith.  But these are just ideas still no story.

Now Dr Di decides to put two dolls together since that is how the dolls will interact throughout the story.  Notice that Dana carries a picnic basket, which is new from Journey Girl.

So next, let’s find another scene where these dolls can interact.   The picnic basket leads to pictures in the park.

Many times several pictures are taken, with minor variations in angle.  Here is a second picture notice it has a closer view.

Take a look at this one, notice it is too close since Kayla is not completely in the picture.

Then change the doll’s pose and add another doll to the scene.   It doesn’t take a lot of pictures to tell a story, it just takes a few good pictures.  Dr Di will use the pictures above to create the following mini photo story with a little bit of creativity and imagination… the story is called “A Spring Day”

As Dana walks to the park she meets Emily who is holding her new puppy.  Dana asked Emily to join her at the park for a picnic.  Emily is thrilled, since picnics are one of her favorite spring day adventures.

At the park Dana had enough food to share with her friend.  Her favorite treats are English Biscuits and chips.  Emily loves the English Biscuits since she stayed in London for several months before coming to live with the nice lady.  Since Mums, Emily’s doggie did not have a leach, he was placed in the empty picnic basket, as the girls enjoyed their treat.

As Maudlynne was walking through the park she spotted her friends Dana and Emily.  Hi girls said Maudlynne.  Dane and Emily waved, come join us said Emily, we have plenty of treats.  Thank you said Maudlynne, but I am running late to meet Meredith and Kayla, we are going to go sightseeing in London.  The girls waved bye to Maudlynne.

So the story ends, or you can continue by adding pictures of Meredith and Kayla, but Dr Di will stop here since this is a mini story example.  Remember not all the pictures need to be used and use your imagination to bring out in writing some of the props used in the pictures for example the doggie, the biscuits, etc.  If when you take the picture you take the time to ensure hair is comb and dolls are posed, the story will just happen when the pictures are put together.

Now are you ready to make your own mini photo story?

Fun Facts:
1. Journey Girls has come out with new accessory packs and outfits. 
2. Meredith, Kayla and Dane are Journey Girls, Emily is a Gotz Happy Kidz and is wearing a Journey Girl outfit.
3. The background used is from American Girl.
4. The mini story is the creativity and imagination of  Dr Di.
5. The fan letter from Libby was created for this post and does not represent any real individual.