Dr Di sits in her office as she prepares to write up her presentation that she is to give at the  Girl’s Academy for Beauty School.

Dr Di receives lots of invitations  to speak and provide advice to girls.  Let’s take a look at what she has prepared…

Dr Di selected two different types of  barrettes.  Notice the top one  is smooth and has no teeth. This type of barrette is the better one to use with dolls.  You do need to be careful sliding it into the hair, do not  force so as not to cause  the hair strands to break.  The bottom one with teeth is not recommended because the thin hair strands can get caught in the teeth and again cause hair breakage.

Ponytail holders come in many different styles and when properly used they can work wonderfully. All the top styles are good to be used in doll hair,  just make sure to select the correct size with the amount of hair.   The bottom colorful elastic bands work well for decoration only and not to be used as the main ponytail holder, the reason is they do not expand well and can be too tight to remove at a later time, therefore could cause hair breakage.

Soft ponytail holders are wonderful and are on the top of my list as the best selection.  Depending on the size they can be used to hold the ponytail as well as decorations.

Clips such as these are not recommended.  They can easily tear the doll hair strands both when placing them on the hair as well as removing them.  Notice the red clip has a hole where the clip top goes in, it is very difficult to make sure this area is clear of hair strands when closing therefore causing air breakage.   The bottom one has to be open wide to insert it and when removing it can cause breakage if not carefully removed.

These clips are very popular and when used properly look very nice on the doll’s hair.  Notice the top clip has a clear protection over the top, this covers the end tip to be smooth, unlike the bottom clip where the end clip has areas in which the hair strands can get caught.  The bottom clip can cause hair breakage upon removal if you are not careful with the hair strands that can get caught at the tip.

Dr Di selected some models to demonstrate how the various hair accessories can be properly used.   The little pink clip holds just enough hair to make a cute hair style.   The yellow clip is used but notice the tip is above all the hair strands.

Here is a demonstration of using a hair accessory that is a hair pin. I made sure to open the hair pin so it is not tight and allow for the hair to slip in smoothly.  The top picture is how not to use it, the bottom picture shows how the hair pin needs to be hidden under the hair so that only the decoration appears.

Maudlynne was Dr Di’s model to show how a little hair style change with simply hair accessories is combined with the look of a new outfit.

When playing with the dolls it is not just about changing clothes, but also the overall look that your doll is representing for her play adventure.

Fun Facts:
1. All the hair accessories are Kid’s hair accessories.
2. Most of my selections have been found at the dollar store.
3. Zip lock bags are used to keep the different hair accessories separated by type of accessories.