Dr Di receives many questions regarding how to customize a doll, so how cool would it be if you can easily change the look of your doll?

Dr Di could not wait to get back to her office when she found this new customizable doll.  Who is she?

In 2013 Madame Alexander tested a new concept of a doll in some of the Toys R Us stores.   There were three different styles of doll, above are two and the third has medium skin tone with dark hair and dark brown eyes.  The box label calls the doll “Doll Factory” by Madame Alexander.   She is described as “Create your new best friend by choosing: 1. Hair Color and Style, 2. Eye Color, 3. Skin tone, and 4. Outfits and accessories”.   Dr Di wanted to know more about her, she named the one dressed in pink, Elsie and brought her home.

Elsie has blue eyes and a removable blonde wig.   The wig can easily be removed but you need to be careful with the Velcro dots that are glued to her head, there are four of them.  They will not come off but the hair strands can get caught on them, causing hair breakage.

Elsie’s original wig is long and the wig came with the hair part  in the middle of Elsie’s head, but Dr Di preferred the part to be on the side.  So the first change was made by taking the wig off and replacing it with a side part look and a new hair style was given to Elsie.  Her outfit was also changed to give her a new look.

Dr Di wanted to continue making changes to Elsie, so a redhead ponytail wig was purchased and now Elsie is a red head with blue eyes.  She is also wearing a new Our Generation outfit.  The ponytail wig is meant to be a pony tail, so it should not be set loose and converted to long hair.

When Elsie got tired of the ponytail, Dr Di tried the dark brown straight hair look.  This is Dr Di’s favorite look on Elsie.  Her blue eyes are striking with the dark brown hair.   The hair is so smooth and easy to brush and style.

Dr Di wanted to give Elsie a curly hair look, so instead of trying to curl the long blonde hair, she gave Elsie a short blonde curly  hair wig. This wig comes with a middle part and the left side is pulled up with a small elastic band.  The curls are so easy to finger curl and brush.  Since this wig is a little longer then shoulder length,  it is very easy to take care of and style.

Dr Di was really impressed on how easily it was to change Elsie’s looks.  The wigs fit perfectly and are made especially for this doll.   Each wig cost around $20 and can be found on Toys R Us website or FAO Schwarz in New York.   Each time the wigs were removed and the new wig placed on the head, you have to be careful with the hair strands and the Velcro dots.  Each wig style comes in at least 2 or 3 colors and there is one more wig style which has ringlets.

Madame Alexander is planning on introducing this doll again in 2014 but the new dolls will have a different head mold.   While attending the Toy Fair in NYC we saw the prototypes, but at FAO Schwarz in NYC, they have a counter set up where you can customize your Madame Alexander doll.   Above is the new face mold displayed at FAO,  in speaking with the  employee she explained that the older face molds were not available.   You can purchase the doll, select her wig and outfit.   The doll above is wearing the curly hair wig in the strawberry redhead color. When Dr Di returned to Atlanta, she found the older face mold on the Toys R Us shelf in only one of the many Toys R Us located in Atlanta where she was introduced in 2013.

Dr Di would like to know your opinion on this new doll concept, which look do you like?